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I’m all about nostalgia. I love re-watching old movies and shows that provided comfort and entertainment during the rollercoaster we call “teeange years.”. I’m all about the past- as long as it stays in the past. Trying to revive and recreate shows/movies in the present age makes no sense. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the show’s original success and magic is directly related to the cultural and historical context in which it originally aired. Plus, it shows no creativity when Hollywood keeps re-inventing the same formula rather than trying new – and often overlooked-storylines. These were the main reasons I wasn’t too keen on a Full House revival, Fuller House. It’s not going to feel the same after 20 years.

That being said, I did end up watching the pilot today, on the day of its release. While I’m still not fully on board the whole idea, all the hype leading up to it plus my childhood memories made me really curious to see what the producers created. Below are my ten thoughts as I watched the pilot. I’ll probably end up watching the rest of the series and will have a follow-up post to compare my thoughts from beginning to end.

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1) It’s clear that whole pilot was just a way to ham it up to the audience. Unlike the original show, which introduced us to the characters and their new lives, the pilot was full of contrived scenes that had no plot/character meaning beyond getting the most laughs and “awws” from the audience. The two worst of these were when Jesse sings “Forever” to Becky (I had to fast forward that scene; it was so cheesy because it was out-of-place unlike the original rendition, which had a plot point) and the first onscreen reference to Michelle. The latter one was so incredibly awkward not well staged. I wouldn’t do justice to how bad it was, so you’ll just have to watch it. The only well executed throwback to the old show was the remark making fun of the show’s original cutsyness. In a cheeky way, Danny tells Steph and Dj to kiss, say I love you, and hug, when the girls get into a minor tiff.

2)  A grown-up Nicky and Alex were my two favorite parts of the episodes. They were pretty funny, even if their scenes weren’t that much. I found this surprising given they were kids and minor characters in the original run

3)  The newer generation of kids –DJ’s two older sons and Kimmy’s daughter- are a good fit.   Most of the show was focused on the reunion aspect, but I did enjoy the short scenes these kids had. They had good delivery.

4) Jesse and Becky apparently don’t know their marriage anniversary date – they are married 25 years (the original date was Feb 14,1991) but they keep saying 28.

5)  I had a hard time not seeing the actors for their real life personalities. I’m not just talking about the obvious one, Bob Saget, whose dirty humor became more well-known after the show. During the show’s original run, my age plus the lack of easy access to the info made it hard to know who the actors were behind the scenes. Twenty years later, in the social media age, we learn more about the actors. All cast members minus the Olsen Twins- are on Twitter. Fans get a sense of their personalities, humors, and views through their tweets. As a result, when I was watching the show, I didn’t see DJ, Danny, and Jesse, but Candace Cameron-Bure, Bob Saget, and John Stamos.  For example (and I’m not saying this because his humor is different from the show) but Saget’s Danny felt flat and not as real as in the original run.

6) I’m glad Danny got married. However, his new wife is barely in the show other than to introduce to the audience he got married. She wasn’t in the crucial family scenes: breakfast and departure for airport. If she’s part of the family, why aren’t we seeing her with the other members? I get the pilot focus is supposed to be about the original cast but don’t introduce a new character if you aren’t going to make her part of natural interactions.

7) I do like how the new show tries to reflect the demographics more than the original did. The show has some additional diversity with Kimmy’s daughter being half Hispanic and Danny’s wife also being Latina.

8) Fuller House has some more dirty lines than the original (given the new era and that the show is on Netflix and not network). I don’t know how I felt about that.

9) I enjoyed seeing Steve and DJ together again. I was bit bummed first off DJ made a widow and didn’t end up with Steve. However, this scenario does reflect the reality that people don’t stay with their high school sweethearts. I also liked that Steve is divorced because that is also the reality of 2016.

9) The theme song was pretty catchy. Good way to play on old one but make it new.

10) We didn’t see any reference to Joey’s future beyond his having Vegas shows. Does that mean he is there temporarily or lives there? I hope he met someone and has a family. He had a wedding ring on in the scenes but we didn’t hear about the family. Maybe future episodes may clear that up for audience.

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