“The Flash” – Meet the Fastest Man Alive!

If you are a huge Marvel or DC fan, this show is A MUST SEE! I was hooked to “Arrow” and was ecstatic when I heard “The Flash” was going to come out. Thankfully, to my good friend Amy (YOU’RE AWESOME!), I was able to watch the pilot for “The Flash” and it was everything I wanted it to be…and more!

The Flash

(Photo Credit: The CW)
(Photo Credit: The CW)
(Photo Credit: The CW) Grant Gustin as The Flash.
(Photo Credit: The CW) Grant Gustin as The Flash.


Barry Allen was an orphan. His father is in jail for a wild accusation of murdering his own wife. However, he didn’t murder his own wife. Some unknown force did. Barry Allen saw it…or him. Detective Joe West happened to be friends with the Allen family and took Barry under his wing. Years pass and Barry is now a working beside Detective Joe West as a forensic scientist where even though he’s quirky, he’s needed because he can figure out anything. Then one night, everything changes. He gets struck by a lightening bolt, and becomes something he

Why I loved the first episode:

  • It explains why Barry Allen is obsessed with crimes; he wants to know what happened the night his mother died.
  • I like how he’s nervous towards his best friend, Iris, because he really likes her!
  • I don’t know what it is, but TV makes forensic scientists SEXY!
  • My favorite part, HE’S ALWAYS LATE!! Ahhh!! The irony!
  • He’s extremely peculiar.
  • The pilot ties into the episode where he gets fried in Arrow. Really glad they connected these two.
  • What actually happened to Barry Allen? Oh, the particle accelerator Star Labs was working on became unstable…made a lightening bolt…and ZAP! The Flash is born.
  • When Barry Allen is in a coma, his heart would beat too fast causing all the hospital to shut down because none of the equipment was able to keep up with him. That’s pretty sweet.
  • The flashback of the incident with his mother; she was murdered by something Barry couldn’t understand…until now.
  • He’s like Wolverine! Heals instantly! I WANT THIS SUPERPOWER!
  • The man in he wheelchair, Wells, reminds me of Matthew Mcconaughey. Just his voice. Don’t judge me.
  • When he meets up with Arrow, Oliver Queen, Oli tells him, “take your own advice. Wear a mask.”
  • Expect meta-humans, humans with superpowers, to be prominent in this show.
  • The Flash has an awesome suit. That it all.
  • When Martin, the meta-human, says, “I understood. I am God.” I wanted to jump into my screen…and slap him. Senseless.
  • The fight scene. Awesome.
  • When he visits his dad at the end of the episode, I got teary eyed. I couldn’t help myself.

the flash


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