Finding Dory: Movie Review

After seeing Finding Nemo (and bawling my eyes out), I couldn’t WAIT for the sequel since the story was original, captivating, humorous, emotional, and full of valuable life lessons. It was such a fantastic family movie! I loved everything about it! Once the sequel was CONFIRMED, the child in me jumped for joy! Unfortunately, the world had to wait THIRTEEN YEARS FOR IT, but I feel like it was worth it. Let’s get to it!

Finding Dory

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar

Release Date: June 8th, 2016
Director: Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane
Writers: Andrew Stanton, Victoria Strouse, Bob Peterson, Angus MacLane
Rating: PG
Duration: 97 mins
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Dory (voice)… Ellen DeGeneres
Marlin (voice) … Albert Brooks
Nemo (voice) … Hayden Rolence
Hank (voice) … Ed O’Neill
Destiny (voice) … Kaitlin Olson
Bailey (voice) … Ty Burrell
Jenny (voice) … Diane Keaton
Charlie (voice) … Eugene Levy
Fluke (voice) … Idris Elba
Rudder (voice) … Dominic West
Mr. Ray (voice) … Bob Peterson

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar



The movie begins with baby Dory (SO EFFING CUUUUUUUTE!) talking to her parents about her condition, “Short Term Mememory Loss.” Her parents try to help her cope with this issue but are truly concerned about her well being. We learn that somehow, she got separated from her loved ones.

Flash forward a year AFTER Finding Nemo and Nemo is ready to go on another field trip! There’s a misunderstanding between Marlin and Dory, where Dory becomes the Teacher’s Assistant. During this field trip, one of the students asks Dory about her family, and a swarm of memories fill her little head, memories she had forgotten. Dory is completely overwhelmed and sets out to find her parents. Marlin, as always, doubts this decision. However, Nemo is on board and the three set off to find Dory’s parents. A few minutes into their journey, and Dory gets separated from the group.

Will Marlin and Nemo find her? Will they find her parents? What really happened that day Dory got lost? Are her parents still alive? And if they are, will they remember her? Have they missed her?

The story continues into another wild and heartfelt chase under the sea, and on land as we discover new friendships and lost loved ones, as well as learn the truth about what occurred the day Dory lost her family.

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar


Lessons Learned:

  • Communication is VITAL: At the beginning, when Marlin is trying to positively, and discreetly, inform Dory that they don’t want her to go on the field trip because she drifts off alone and is a liability, Dory doesn’t understand and instead, assumes she’s been promoted, taking position immediately.

  • Never lose hope: This is prevalent throughout the movie because the audience really doesn’t know if Dory will ever find her parents or if Marlin and Nemo will find her and get back home.

  • Just do it: Sometimes, SOMETIMES, it’s best to just do something instead of doubting yourself and analyzing everything; there’s a part in the film where Marlin and Nemo are stuck. They have no idea how to escape and Marlin begins to give up. Nemo must remind him that Dory never quits, she just…does. And so, Marlin does too!

  • Teamwork is KEY!: NONE of it would have been possible if they did not work as a team! Cooperate! Don’t hate!

  • Diversity: Dory, Marlin, and Nemo become friends with UNLIKELY characters in the film and it’s good they showcase that! It doesn’t matter what race or color you are, we can all accept each other and get along!

  • Never be greedy: Hank, the octopus, only worries about himself and is alone. After meeting Dory, he learns to be happier, and do for others.

  • Family will never give up on you (or at least they shouldn’t!): OMG this part. This part. Dory’s family didn’t. Just keep swimming is all I’ll say. (Now, I’m bawling again)

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar

There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about the film and everything I liked is mentioned above. One thing I do want to mention is how incredible the CGI was! WOW! I wanted to jump into the water! I do feel like the first film was better, but that’s usually what happens with sequels. I’M NOT COMPLAINING! I’M NOT COMPLAINING! I did like it, A LOT, but I think it could’ve been better. Just a tad. Overall, I think it was a great movie for kids, families, heck even a date night! It teaches a lot to kids and I think parents should use movies like this to educate their young ones! “THINK LIKE DORY!”

Credit: Disney Pixar
Credit: Disney Pixar

The Trailer:

My Rating: 4-out-of-5-stars1

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