Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down their list. Each show received a numerical value, with number 10 on the list receiving 1 point, number 9 got 2, etc., and their favorite show was awarded 10 points. Below are our favorite shows. (Due to several ties, we chose the top ten ranking shows, not just ten shows.)

10. Blackish: 6 points

Photo credit: FX

10. The Americans: 6 points

The Americans is so exquisitely well done — it’s absurd how good this show is. Season two managed to outdo season 1 in almost every way, with Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell still spying for the KGB as FBI agent Stan lives right across the street. Tensions are high as we are led to believe that Stan would betray his country for the woman he loved. The final shocking reveal, however, was not learning of the KGB’s recruitment plans with Paige (the Jennings’ daughter) but with Elizabeth being okay with it. [Jordan Hickman]

10. Supernatural: 6 points

9.Sleepy Hollow: 7 points

9. Last Week Tonight: 7 points

Every week, John Oliver and his staff brought their own special brand of humor and passion to the issues affecting the states. Be it space geckos, the absurdities of the lottery system, or LGBTQIA rights, Oliver wasn’t afraid to get messy and personal with what was happening around him. [Elena Rivera]
the 100 cw
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9. The 100: 7 points

The CW is really killing it with their programming this season. (Just look at this list of other great examples of the type of programming flooding the network right now.) The 100 is not your typical dystopian fantasy show — it’s so much more complex than one could ever imagine. For me, this show was the surprise of the year — with Eliza Taylor’s Clarke one of the greatest heroines on TV right now. It’s dark and brutal and damn near as depressing as The Leftovers, but there’s that slight glimmer of hope and perseverance that keeps the momentum going week after week. [JH]

9. Ghost Adventures: 7 points

8. Scandal: 8 points

the vampire diaries
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8. The Vampire Diaries: 8 points

The Vampire Diaries is on it’s sixth season and there could be a million reasons why it’s lasted so long. A good reason the sixth season is great and made our list is because it’s gone back to its roots. It’s no longer about messy love triangle drama; it’s about the supernatural world filled with vampires, wolves, and witches fighting the new bad guys, saving lives, trying to bring Bonnie back home and trying to get through it together. Plus, this show is constantly filled with good looking people. [Amy Martinez]
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8. Rectify: 8 points

Rectify is a quiet, sturdy, meditative look at small town life told through the eyes of someone who was convicted of murder as a teenager. When discussing the top dramas of the last decade, Rectify is always number one on my list, anchored by a nuanced and heartbreaking performance by Aden Young as lead character Daniel Holden, whose performance only deepened in the second season. [ER]
Photo credit: FX
Photo credit: FX

7. You’re the Worst: 9 points

With the winning Aya Cash and the fake mustache-wearing Chris Geere, You’re The Worst reinvigorated the tired “will they-won’t they” trope in 2014 by putting together two flawed, hilarious, slightly horrible people and letting their chemistry carry them through the early fumblings of their relationship. With a dash of strong supporting characters, some dead-on Los Angeles actor satire and a whole lot of fro-yo samples, You’re The Worst was a highlight week in and week out. [ER]

6. Walburgers: 10 points

This behind the scenes reality show focuses on the Walhlbergs’ family restaurant business, Walhburgers. It follows Paul, the chef, running the business along with his brothers, Donnie and Mark, and their mother Alma. I love this show for two reasons: family and Donnie. Each episode is always tied to a family memory or a reason why they’re doing the business together. Plus, Donnie makes the show. He’s so hilarious with everything he does and says. He never fails to make me laugh every episode. [AM]

6. The Walking Dead: 10 points

hannibal mads mikkelsen
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5. Hannibal: 15 points (jh)

Pretty sure there’s not a scary, more beautiful show on television. The final act this season was one where I’m not sure I even took a breath. Every life hangs in the balance when the show returns in a few months. Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy lead this gorgeous, violent, and incredibly well written show, but the supporting cast adds so much more depth to this already dense show. While not each episode worked this season, the ones that did were some of the finest storytelling I had the pleasure to see. [JH]
 the good wife hitting the fan

4. The Good Wife: 16 points

2014 was the year The Good Wife cemented itself as one of the best dramas on television, as it made bold storytelling decisions that shook up the show’s whole foundation. Josh Charles’ decision to leave the show gave the writers a reinvigorated sense of urgency, as they played with the tension between Will and Alicia after Alicia’s decision to leave Lockhart Gardner. From deaths to new leadership to Matthew Goode’s changing haircuts, The Good Wife week-in, week-out was must see television. [ER]
(Photo Credit: The CW) The epic war between Oliver Queen's posse and the masked men. The ending of season 2.
Photo Credit: The CW

4. Arrow: 16 points

Truth be told, we’d be stupid not to add CW’s Arrow on our list this year. The show continues to excel with its action, stunts and storylines. The new season focuses on the death of Sarah which brings in great material for the show: Team Arrow hasn’t lost one of their own before. Also, lots of new things are happening on Arrow: Diggle’s new family, Roy’s new suit, Thea’s relationship with her biological father, Merlin, Laurel’s revenge for her sister’s death. Plus, the thing fans have been waiting since season one, Olicity! [AM]
Enlisted The General Inspection Randy Hill
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3. Enlisted: 22 points

Enlisted became more than just a show for me this past year. It became a thread of connection to home when I was living in Spain, a silly, strong, joyous comedy that introduced me to some amazing TV critics and friends and buoyed me in some tough moments abroad.Enlisted is a show about Fort McGee, an Army base in Florida, which focuses on three very different brothers and their rag-tag platoon. It is a show that could tell stories of returning veterans struggling with PTSD as well as it could tell stories about mondo spiders and dance-offs. It was a show where the ensemble was a gem, where every character was treated with the humor and wit they deserved, where there were enough quippy lines in an episode to fill a whole book.Enlisted was about family, the family you’re born into and the family you make and the importance of community, especially in difficult times. It also had a shirtless Parker Young, a brilliant Keith David, a JaMort and a lone wolf and a powerful message about recovery. It was cancelled after one season, but that one season remains as a heartfelt, heart-filled testimony to what television can (and should) be. It’s not only my favorite show of 2014, but one of my favorite shows of all-time, a testament to Kevin Biegel and the show’s vulnerable, crying-into-laughing-into-crying-again effect on me. [ER] (Side note: Enlisted was the most popular entry of the year with 4 people having it on their best-of list.)
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2. The Flash: 23 points

This show is all around fantastic, whether you’re a comic book nerd or not. The good thing about this show is you don’t have to be a comic book nerd to understand the show because everything is explained in the pilot. Berry Allen gets struck my lighting and suddenly he’s the fastest man in the world. He uses his powers to do good in the world and save people with the help of his friends at Star Labs. The storylines, characters and the action make it great, but also the graphics are amazingly well done, and the interaction and crossovers with the characters of Arrow is exciting. What makes it different from Arrow is there’s always a new villain in each episode, so it’s always a new and exciting, which i believe its what’s making it CW’s best show on the air right now. [AM]
parenthood season 6 photo
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1. Parenthood: 29 points

Oh, Parenthood. I’m going to miss the Bravermans so much. Sure, there were those moments when Adam acted like a spoiled man boy, and each episode was conditioned to make one cry, but otherwise I’m really going to miss this fine drama. Some of the stronger storylines involved those when the siblings interacted together and those big dinner scenes with the whole cast. The intimate conversations had time to marinate as Katims and the writing staff had actors absent from episodes that didn’t involve them to include unnecessary storylines. Any scene with Zeke (Craig T. Nelson) and Amber (Mae Whitman) was sure to make me cry and I still can’t believe how great Ray Romano turned out to be as Hank. I’m glad the show is going out while it’s still strong, even though it’s begun to wane just a bit. May you stay forever young, Parenthood. [JH]
So, now it’s your turn. What were some of the shows we missed? What were your favorites of 2014? Sound off in the comments below!

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