Family Guy: “The Boys in the Band” Review

I am so excited for season 15 of Family Guy; I absolutely love this show. I am a huge fan of anything Seth MacFarlane does so I knew these new episodes would not disappoint. Like so many episodes before it, this story focused heavily on Stewie and Brian. It’s always funny to see these two together, they are two characters that work so well together and can always make you laugh.


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This episode was a musical one, which Family Guy do very well. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the show is very talented when it comes to comedy music. Stewie and Brian form a band called Red Shirt, Blue shirt, which is very wiggles-esque and go on tour. The songs were a highlight of this episode, they were funny, catchy and very child friendly like why Mommy and Daddy are making those noises in the bedroom and how you can unlock that pesky gun safe. That’s the kind of inappropriate humor the show does well.

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The story followed the typical rise and fall scenario. The band enjoyed success but were torn apart by the jealously of Stewie’s ex-girlfriend Olivia. We last saw Olivia when Stewie set a cardboard house on fire leaving Olivia in there with her new boy toy. So understandably, Olivia wanted revenge. She stole the band right from under them by putting a wedge between Stewie and Brian and making them hate each other. But those two are best friends whether they like to admit it or not and they do love each other, so they can never stay mad for too long. Olivia now has the band and of course she needed a singing dog, which made the way for The Sopranos’ Tony Sirico to make a brief cameo as Vinny. If you guys remember, Vinny was the dog that replaced Brian after his death in a previous season.

The second story-line followed Chris, he wants money for a shamrock tattoo but Lois refuses and tells him to get a job. And what better job for teenage boy than to be the assistant of the sex obsessed neighbor Quagmire. Turns out Chris has a knack for it and does a good job. The scene where Chris has an office set up like a doctor’s office was funny, and there was a hilarious scene where Lois discovers Chris had washed sex toys in the dishwasher.

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Overall, it was a pretty funny episode and I think it was a good start to the 15th season. I’m excited to see what the characters get up to. If this episode is anything to go by, I think we are in for a good season.

Honorable funny mentions:

  • Seeing Stewie as a teenager, his looks are a perfect mix between Lois and Peter.
  • Stewie hiding in the Chardonnay isle at the supermarket to advertise to middle aged mum’s. He jumps out offering pamphlets. Until he comes across a male and asks where he is drinking the Chardonnay. The constant Stewie gay jokes through the seasons never get tiring.
  • The airport clique of running to tell your love you love them before they leave, this one is involving Chris, he is chasing a girl named Ashley, when he finally gets to the airport, it’s an old lady.








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