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jr-bourne gifJR Bourne plays Chris Argent on Teen Wolf, a hunter of the supernatural (primarily werewolves) that once would never align himself with the likes of werewolves, but has since changed his alliance and his views. Argent lost his wife and daughter to the supernatural world and has been threatened many times himself. Even with all of the obstacles and heartbreak Argent has faced, Bourn says that there isn’t anything he would have his character do differently or a story line that he would change because it all has played a role in shaping who his character is and helped the character grow into who he is now.

With Teen Wolf coming to an end after this season, fans are still hoping there will be more in terms of some sort of spin-off show. When I mentioned to Bourne the murmurs of a possible Argent spin-off, he couldn’t help but laugh because he hadn’t yet heard of that rumor. However, he seemed to think it would be a cool idea to delve into his character more, the Argent family, and the history there. He told me to get on that, as in fans should try to make this spin-off happen!

I had the opportunity to interview Bourne last week and we talked about the final season.

Note: This interview has been edited for clarity.

Miranda Friel: What’s one word that you would use to describe season 6?

JR Bourne: Terrifying.

Miranda: Terrifying? I got that from the first episode.

JR: Yeah… It actually needs more than one word, but go with terrifying.

Miranda: I know you probably can’t say much, teasing wise, but is there anything that you can say about your character this season?

argentJR: In the first part, like in the first 10 [episodes], Argent definitely comes up against a couple of things. A couple of very sort of disturbing and potentially life changing obstacles, I guess you could call them. I’m excited that you all are going to see that. It was a great sort of start of the journey for him and it continues on into this next little bit that we’re doing now.

Miranda: Does he know a lot about the Wild Hunt?

JR: Argent knows – I think he Argent even knows more than I think he does. He just seems to know everything. But there are other sources in the pack that might know a little more about it.

Miranda: Are you going to be working with any of the new characters? Like there’s a new teacher who seems like he’s going to turn out to be a bad guy.

JR: Oh wow, I can’t tell you that. You’re going to have to just wait and see. *Laughs*

Miranda: Okay, I understand.

JR: Argent is definitely working. You know, those kids are part of his pack or he’s part of their pack. You know what I mean? Especially Scott, Liam, Lydia, and the rest of them. As for our new teacher, there’s always something fun there when Jeff [Davis; show creator] adds something or someone who kind of potentially…

Miranda: Stirs up trouble?

JR: Yeah, exactly. That’s sort of a given.

Miranda: How do you feel about the show ending?

JR:  We all say it. It really is sort of bittersweet. I think, part of us feel that we might be ready for it. I think anotherchris-and-allison-argent part is, we probably would have continued on forever, like who knows, right? There’s definitely so much to be dealt with. There’s so many relationships that we touched on and that we’ve gone into over the years, and there are definitely things between Derek and Argent, and there are issues with Jackson and Isaac. Those are all things that I think we could have carried on for quite a period of time. Dealing with and sort of delving into, but, you know, all good things must come to an end, right?

Miranda: Do you think some of those things will get wrapped up this season?

JR: I hope so, Miranda. Your guess is as good as mine. That’s always been the thing with Teen Wolf. We’ve always kind of trusted our guy [Jeff Davis], and as late as we are informed sometimes about storylines and about the things that are going to happen, it’s still always ends up being something that everyody loves and sort of gets a kick out of portraying, you know? So, I can’t say. I don’t actually know, but I know that Jeff would love to.

Miranda: Are you happy about where your character will leave off? If you know where he will leave off yet?

JR: I’m actually really excited. I’ve always loved every season of what Jeff has had in store for Argent, but this season, I think everybody’s really going to love some of the obstacles that Argent faces. You know, obstacles aren’t necessarily always bad things, right? I think we sometimes fall into traps where we assume that an obstacle is a bad thing, and I don’t think that’s always the case. I don’t think Argent sees it that way either. So, there are some obstacles this season that are challenging and that are new for him, but I love them. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

Miranda: Would you say, like where it’s heading right now, would you say it’s your ideal ending for him?

JR: I don’t know yet, and I don’t know how it’s going to end. I mean we’re on episode 14 and it’s challenging so far. From what we do know that’s going on, it’s definitely disturbing… and sort of terrifying as well for everyone. But how it’s going to end? I don’t know. There’s only one man who knows and that’s Jeff. *Chuckles*

Miranda: What would your ideal ending be?

chris-argentJR: I don’t know that I would ever sort of see it as an ending. I don’t know how it’s being viewed, but I don’t see it being an ending per say where we wrap everything up with a bow and we say, ‘okay, this is it. Now we know that everyone’s going to continue on and it’s going to be wonderful, peaceful and great.’ I think it’s going to be resolution, but I think the idea of what I would be content with is the idea of knowing that there will be a sense of peace for a period of time. That at least, you know, people are healthy, happy, and that they have been given tools that they are going to be able to continue on. I don’t feel like it’s going to be an ending where we wrap everything up and then we kind of go, ‘okay, this is it.’ I don’t know. Maybe that is what he will do, but I will be content with something that just sort of shows umm…

Miranda: That they have everything under control sort of?

JR: Yeah… under control. Some resolution with things. You know, [like] to know that Liam is in a stronger place. To know that Lydia and Scott have moved to a next level and that Shelley (Malia) has gone there. That Argent, Melissa, and Stilinski have all sort of reached a place in their lives – all move forward, but still be happy. I guess that’s the overall thing is that everybody’s happy.

Miranda: You three got bumped up to series regulars, so that’s exciting.

JR: Fun, right? I mean, that’s kind of… we’re all there in the opening *chuckles* way at the very end.

Miranda: It’s better than nothing, though.

JR: It’s great.

Miranda: So, are you worried about Jeff saying that he has a list of possible characters to kill off?

argent-2JR: No, I’m not. Not at all. Again, I put so much faith in this man [Jeff Davis, for the past 6 or 7 years and I think what he does is – absolute genius. So, if that is something that he wants to decide, I know that it would make sense in the bigger picture. I think something great about Teen Wolf is that it really has been this ensemble story line, you know, it really has this pack and how it’s shifted, changed, evolved, and how it’s sort of done its course over the years. If that’s something that he decided, it would probably make sense. Would I be bummed? Of course. No one really wants to die. *Chuckles*

Miranda: Yeah, especially in the last season.

JR: Yeah, exactly, but I would ultimately be able to look at it and go like, ‘Oh, God, that makes sense.’ But I hope that’s not what happens.

Miranda: What’s your favorite memory from working on the show?

JR: Hmm… On camera or behind the camera?

Miranda: Either one.

JR: There’s some amazing moments that we’ve had in front of the camera. I know in that first season when Dylan and I shot that scene in the morgue [is] still one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever shot. The scene with [Tyler] Posey in the kitchen with the little comical moment about bringing the deserts. Behind [the camera], we say it all the time, Miranda, but it really is the truth, we’re all such great friends. I think that is by far the best thing coming off of this [show] is that we made friends that I know we’re all going to be in one another’s lives forever. That is, I think, the most valuable thing that’s coming off from the show.

Miranda: Is there anyone that you didn’t get to work with as much that you would have loved to work with more?

chris-and-isaacJR: You know the stories that we have started in the past, I would have loved to delve a little deeper into, [like] story lines that we sort of dipped our toes into and never really sort of came full circle. They range from story lines with my daughter, with [Tyler] Hoechlin (who played Derek Hale), with Jackson. I mean basically everybody, Isaac obviously… I don’t even know what’s happening with that relationship.

Miranda: *Laughs* They went to London and he never came back.

JR: *Laughs* Yeah.

Although Teen Wolf may be coming to an end soon, it definitely won’t be the last you see or hear of him. Bourne says he’ll be making his film directing debut (according to IMDb) in about a year.

You can also find Bourne at Howler Con in New Jersey next June. When I asked him about it, he seemed excited about it, and even said he’ll be involving the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the charity that he works closely with, in the auction. He said that he’s grateful to the runners of Howler Con for always doing so much to help promote and raise money for the cause.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights on MTV at 9/8c.

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