Emerald Portal EP Release: “Trouble in Paradise”

It’s no coincidence that listening to Emerald Portal’s new EP, Trouble in Paradise will make you feel like you’re living inside your own indie film. Because as it turns out, both members of the post-rock duo, Thomas Ouziel and Brad Runblade, started their careers in the film industry (Thomas as a sound designer and Brad as a screenwriter). Now their transcendent music is making a splash in various artistic fields, as they continue to collaborate with directors, musicians, and artists to expand their vision and sound.


Both born in Europe, Thomas and Brad grew up learning to play piano and guitar, and spent years playing music before entering the entertainment industry. But it wasn’t until later in their careers, when a chance encounter on a music video set in Los Angeles set their plan for creating music together in motion. Their first LP, Beyond The Edge of Reason, was a glimpse into different worlds and stories that culminated in an “overall universe”. And while they are now busy working on three separate concept albums, and making award-winning music videos, their new EP Trouble in Paradise dropped last week and boasts some killer tracks that will transform whatever environment you’re in into a cinematic universe.

Need proof? Just grab some headphones and tune into their new track “All the Running” or watch the charming music video for the track below to get a sense of why the duo is taking home plenty of awards at film festivals these days.

You can listen to all the tracks on Soundcloud and visit their website @ emeraldportalmusic.com!


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