E! Jersey Shore Reunion Road Trip Review: The shortest reunion ever

Jersey Shore Reunion Road Trip Mike The Situation, Pauly D,, Nicole Snooki, JWWow and Sammi

Long after an iconic show ends, fans pray and hope for a reunion, whether it’s the cast reuniting for a panel at a festival or convention, like the cast of Boy Meets World reunited at ATX TV Festival in 2013. Some hope for a revival like Gilmore Girls or a movie like Veronica Mars. Regardless of how it happens, fans want it. Reunions allows the fans to find out what happened to the cast and/or their characters over the years. When the news broke MTV’s Jersey Shore would be reuniting for a road trip reunion, the fans went nuts, myself included!

I’m a huge fan of MTV’s Jersey Shore. I loved everything thing about it, the drama, the pranks, and their stupidity – because let’s be real, some of them weren’t the brightest colors in the box. The cast didn’t always get along, but at the end of the day, they were still family. Well, except for Snooki and The Situation; they didn’t end in good terms when the series ended five years ago. So imagine my excitement when I found out there was going to be a reunion. I wanted to see everyone back, what they have been up to, and if they’ve gotten any wiser over the past five years. Only to be slightly disappointed after watching E!’s Reunion Road Trip with half the cast of Jersey Shore.

The one time 30-minute reunion special started off with Mike “The Situation” explaining what’s been going on in his life within the past five years, which includes going to rehab twice for prescription-drug addiction, but is now 18 months sober. He’s also facing a possible jail sentence on charges of tax evasion and is officially off the market with his serious girlfriend, Lauren. The reunion was The Situation’s idea. He hadn’t seen or hung out with anyone from the show since it ended. Being a completely different and new Mike, he wanted to reconnect and make things right with everyone.

The Situation picked up Snooki, Pauly D, and JWWow and headed to Jinks, because the rest of Seaside Heights, NJ banned them from coming back, including Danny’s T-Shirt shop, Shore Store! The only placed that welcomed them back was Jinks, where Sammi Sweetheart met up with them and began catching up on each other’s lives. Snooki and Sammi got a boob job. Pauly D and Mike have decided to settle down and stopped sleeping around with women. Sammi doesn’t talk to Ronnie and is in love with her current boyfriend. Then, the gang talked about past hook ups and looked on some of their memories on the show, like Snooki’s “Where’s the beach?!” and Mike getting into a fight with the brick wall.

Truthfully, I was slightly disappointed by this reunion as we learned nothing new. If the Jersey Shore fans are anything like me, then they already knew everything as well. Most fans keep up with the cast on their social media platforms, where they do share the projects they’re working on, posts videos and pictures of their family and their significant others. Furthermore, I’m sure everyone already knew about The Situation’s tax fraud drama since it’s already been reported in the headlines before several times.

Also, I was disappointed that not everyone was involved in this reunion. When it comes to reunions, you’re supposed to have the majority of the cast. Pauly D’s “boyfriend”, Vinny, Snooki’s meatball, Deena, and Sammi’s ex-boyfriend, Ronnie did not part take in this road trip reunion, but of course, they were mentioned. How lame was that? I wanted everyone back together. I wanted to see Team Meatball back in action. I wanted to see some hilarious bromance moments between Pauly D and Vinny. Truthfully, I wanted to see what would happen if Sammi and Ronnie were in the same room at the same time as Jersey Shore is what started their relationship in the first place.

The only good thing about this reunion is they haven’t changed one bit, well for the most part. The only difference is, they’re older and they’re no longer the party animals they once were. Granted, they still drink and go out, but they have responsibilities that keep them from partying all night. They’ve each have their own business, careers, and love lives. JWWow and Snooki are both married to Roger and Jionni (who were also seen on Jersey Shore) and have two kids of their own. Pauly D’s DJ career is going strong and also has a serious girlfriend, and Sammi is happily in love. They’re all still funny, and still not the brightest colors in the box – I’m referring to the whole “Honk if you’re GTL” moment, as seen in the video clip above, ha!

Overall, I wished they had waited to do a reunion until everyone could met and not just half of the cast. Also, I would have preferred the reunion to be longer than a 30-minute episode, maybe an hour long, or a mini-series of some sort. I know that seems impossible with their busy schedules and their families, but one can hope. I don’t know if they’ll ever do another reunion, but for now, let’s enjoy their Burger King commercial, because even though they talked about the same stuff, this commercial/reunion included almost everyone.

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