DWTS Week 9 Recap: the Semi-Finals!

Week 9 Semi-finals
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How are we already at the semi-finals? It’s hard to think that next week we will have crowned a new mirrorball champion! This week the remaining couples danced to a style and song picked by their pro partners followed by a re-interpretation of iconic dances performed in previous seasons. Let’s see how the couples did this week.

Best Dance of the Night

Lindsey and Mark’s Contemporary Routine

Lindsey performed a powerful contemporary to her pro partner’s song (Alexander Jean, a duo with his wife, BC Jean)! The lines and lifts were flawless (in my opinion).

Best Reinterpretation

Jordan and Lindsay’s Jive

Not going to lie, I had to go back and rewatch Paige and Mark’s original dance because it was really difficult to remember what it was after seeing Jordan and Lindsay’s performance. With Lindsay’s amazing choreography and Jordan’s excellent execution (nailed those cartwheels!), the two never missed a beat and perhaps created a new iconic dance. Compare the two yourself below!

Jordan and Lindsay’s Jive

Paige and Mark’s Jive from season 22

Best Reinterpretation (runner-up)

Victoria and Val’s Charleston

Girl can move her feet and look at her go! Victoria and Val’s Charleston showcased her improvement throughout this season and earned her her first pair of 10s including one from Len!


Drew and Emma’s Tango : 24/30

Victoria and Val’s Contemporary Routine (featuring Jenna Johnson) : 27/30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Argentine Tango : 28/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Contemporary Routine : 29/30

Frankie and Witney’s Salsa : 25/30

Drew and Emma’s Jazz Routine (performed by Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff in season 17) : 24/30

Victoria and Val’s Charelson (performed by Amber Riley and Derek Hough in season 17) : 29/ 30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Jive (performed by Paige VanZant and Mark Ballas in season 22) : 30/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Tango (performed by Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy in season 18) : 28/30

Frankie and Witney’s Paso Doble (performed by Apolo Ohno and Julianne Hough in season 4) : 26/30

Heading to the Finals

Lindsey  and Mark

Drew and Emma

Jordan and Lindsay

Frankie and Witney


Victoria Arlen and Val (but she had such a great night!)

My prediction:

4th place: Drew and Emma

3rd place: Frankie and Witney

2nd place: Lindsey and Mark

Champs: Jordan and Lindsay (I’m ok with any of the top 3 couples winning!)

Two night finale begins Monday at 8pm EST and Tuesday at 9pm EST and Julianne Hough returns with tons of musical guests! Who do you think will go home with the mirrorball?

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