DWTS Week 7 Recap: Halloween Night with a Suprising DOUBLE Elimination

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It’s Halloween and team dance week! The remaining couples danced two dances this week. Of course, at the end of the show there was an elimination, except this time, the Halloween Grim Reaper brought a surprise double elimination! Let’s recap the night first.

Best Dance of Night

I couldn’t pick just one dance. This season’s cast are all growing into wonderful dancers and many routines night did so well tonight! Frankie and Witney’s contemporary, Lindsey and Mark’s Paso, and Jordan and Lindsay’s Paso all included.

Best Costume (and effort for powering through it)

Lindsey and Mark

Lindsey is one tough cookie. During last week’s rehearsal, she dislocated her rib. She powered through the pain through out week in rehearsal and tonight performed an excellent Paso Doble. Those flawless knee walks, though! While her pain could be seen physically as she danced, overall she did gave a clean and technically great performance.

Photo courtesy of ABC

Most Improved (and Creepiest)

Frankie and Witney

Besides the creepy storyline of Frankie’s dance. He did an amazing job performing it and playing the part, earning him a perfect score. This comes a week after being at the bottom of the leaderboard. Frankie is back on top again!

Most Disappointing Dance

Team Monster Mash

I was equally excited to see both teams dances this season because I thought for sure they both were going to score perfect scores.  But how did the team consisting of Jordan and Lindsey Stirling score so low? Crunched for time, the dance didn’t come together very well and it lacked the synchronicity of a team dance.


Victoria and Val’s Viennese Waltz : 27/30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Paso Doble : 30/30

Nikki and Artem’s Jive : 24/30

Vanessa and Maks’ Paso Doble : 24/30

Terrell and Cheryl’s Tango : 25/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Paso Doble : 27/30

Frankie and Witney’s Contemporary Routine : 30/30

Drew and Emma’s Charleston : 27/30

Team Monster Mash (Lindsey, Jordan, Terrell, Nikki) : 24/30

Team Phantom of the Ballroom (Victoria, Vanessa, Frankie, and Drew) : 30/30

In Jeopardy

Terrell and Cheryl

Nikki and Artem

Drew and Emma

Vanessa and Maks


Nikki Bella and Artem

Vanessa Lachey and Maks

Next week, Mirrorball champs from past seasons join our remaining couples for a trio round! Who are you excited to see back in the ballroom?

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