DWTS Week 6: A Night at the Movies Recap!

Maks and Vanessa Week 6. A Night at the Movies

This week each couple performed a danced to bring to life a movie genre for, “A Night at the Movies”. Joining the judge’s table this week was Shania Twain who also performed her new song “Solider” on the show. Let’s get down to recap the best and worst of “A Night at the Movies”!

Best Dance of the Night

Lindsey and Mark’s Sci-fi Argentine Tango

Flawless and incredible are just some of the words that came to my mind when I saw this dance. Not only was the set design and costuming on point, Mark’s choreography did not waste a second of the music. Playing to the theme and music, subtle movements and gestures filled in the gaps between the main Argentine Tango parts. Most of all, the theme did not take away the Argentine Tango which was technically very clean, sharp, and crisp. Watch it here!

Photo Courtesy of ABC

Best Theme Interpretation of the Night

Victoria and Val’s Sport Paso Doble

While not technically, the best, I feel this dance needed a shout out. You could feel the energy the Victoria brought to the ballroom as Val skillfully blended the hockey theme with Paso Doble in his choreography. Overall, I thought it was very good Paso that was very much underscored.

Worst Dance of the Night

Nick and Peta’s Western Samba

I feel like a broken record, but Nick improves very little from week to week. This week was no different. Although, he totally rocked his western outfit, Nick was stiff and off-step for most of his Samba.


(Note: Shania Twain joined as a guest-judge tonight for a total of 40 judges points.)

Nikki and Artem’s Foreign Film Argentine Tango : 36 / 40

Drew and Emma ‘s Action Paso Doble :  30 / 40

Nick and Peta’s Western Samba :  26 / 40

Victoria and Val’s Sport Paso Doble : 31 /40

Terrell and Cheryl’s Spy Jive :  37 / 40

Frankie and Witney’s Animated Jazz Routine : 31 / 40

Vanessa and Maks’ Musical Quickstep : 36 / 40

Jordan and Lindsay’s Dramatic Rumba : 39 / 40

Lindsey and Mark’s Sci-fi Argentine Tango : 40 / 40

In Jeopardy

Nick and Peta

Terrell and Cheryl

Victoria and Val (WHAT?)


Nick Lachey and Peta

Last week’s recap!

Next week is dedicated to Halloween dances and the return of team dances!

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