DWTS Week 5: It’s DISNEY NIGHT Recap!

It’s Disney Night! Usually in the Spring, Disney Night brings the magic and seven dwarfs that look just like Maks to the ballroom. Dances this week were inspired by our Disney favorites from Steamboat Willie to the upcoming Coco. Let’s recap some of the best moments of the night below.

Disney Night
Photo Courtesy of ABC

Best Dance of the Night

Jordan and Lindsay’s Foxtrot

(“You’re Welcome”, Moana (sung by Jordan Fisher himself!)

The once Disney Channel star who also featured on the Moana soundtrack with his rendition of “You’re Welcome” performed a flawless routine that consisted of an elegant, proper Foxtrot so good that Len decided to forgive the synchronize breakdown section in the middle of the routine, earning the first perfect score of the season! Watch it here!

Best Dance of the Night (runner up)

Frankie and Witney’s Argentine Tango

(“Angelica”, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

I was a little concerned about how this dance was going to turn out, especially after some of the fumbles Frankie had last week. After all, this routine had to live up to the last Pirates routine (and one of my personal favorites) performed by Riker Lynch and Allison Holker a few years ago (Riker totally digged the Jack Sparrow character!). I was so surprised to see the chemistry and the expressiveness between Frankie and Witney this week leading to a near perfect routine! Compare the two routines!

Most Improved (overall this week)

Nikki and Artem’s Jazz Routine

(“Remember Me”, Coco)

Going into this routine, Nikki Bella had one extra disadvantage that other couple did not. The audience has never seen or gotten familiar with the newest Disney film releasing this Thanksgiving weekend. Channeling her Mexican heritage, she gave a solid performance full of vibrant energy. In fact, after this colorful performance, I want to actually go see this movie now. Do you agree?

Underscored Dance of the Night

Lindsey and Mark’s Foxtrot

(“When You Wish Upon a Star”, Pinocchio)

Despite rave reviews about their foxtrot from the judges, this routine failed to earn a perfect score. Lindsey and Mark didn’t bring out any gimmicks or wacky creativity ideas this week, but instead performed an elegant, classic, and simple foxtrot. Danced to a piano version of the famous “When you Wish Upon A Star”, I felt as I were transformed into magical Disney universe as Mickey mouse played the piano (literally) and Lindsey looked like Cinderella. Watch it here.

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Victoria and Val’s Jazz Routine : 27/30

Vanessa and Maks’s Waltz : 24/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Foxtrot : 28/30

Nick and Peta’s Quickstep : 22/30

Drew and Emma’s Viennese Waltz : 25/30

Sasha and Gleb’s Rumba : 24/30

Terrell and Cheryl’s Quickstep : 25/30

Frankie and Witney ‘s Argentine Tango : 29/30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Foxtrot : 30/30

Nikki and Artem’s Jazz Routine: 27/30

Photo Courtesy of ABC

Couples in Jeopardy

Sasha and Gleb (Where are all the PLL fans?)

Frankie and Witney (Noo! I love Frankie’s infectious enthusiasm!)


Sasha and Gleb

I was shocked with this elimination. Sasha was improving each week (unlike some people, *cough* Nick Lachey *cough* who give pretty much the same mediocre performance with very little improvement each week) and I thought she was bringing in a huge fan base coming off the final season of Pretty Little Liars.

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