DWTS Week 4: Most Memorable Year!

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Most memorable year week is usually the most emotional night of the season and this year was no different. This week also happened to be the week for many stars to perform some of their best dances, including the first 10s of the season! Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the bests of the night!

Best Dance of the Night

Jordan and Lindsay’s Contemporary

Jordan’s most memorable year was the year he was officially adopted by his grandparents. After sharing that his mother had him at sixteen and struggled with substance abuse, Jordan performed an emotional routine that was near perfection, earning two of the first 10s of the seasons! Watch it here!

Most Emotional Dance of the Night

Lindsey and Mark’s Viennese Waltz

Lindsey Stirling’s most memorable year was the year that she lost her dad to cancer. As tribute to her dad, she danced an elegant Viennese Waltz in which we were transported to a story about a father and daughter. Mark’s choreography was magical and so creative that it tugged at all of our heart-strings and included him wearing Lindsey’s father’s hat and scarf he actually used to wear. See it here now.

Most Improved (overall)

Drew and Emma’s Jive

Honestly, it was very difficult to pick just one couple this week for this category because it seems like so many of the couples showed improvement. However, there was something extra special about Drew’s jive. His most memorable year was the year he and his brother offically became The Property Brothers. Drew’s flicks and kicks were so on point and he kept up very well with the choreography. In addition, his brother Jonathan also joined in to make a trio which was so entertaining and delightful to watch!

Photo Courtesy of ABC


Frankie and Whitney’s Quickstep : 24/30

Terrell and Cheryl’s Viennese Waltz : 24/30

Nikki and Artem’s Contemporary : 24/30

Nick and Peta’s Contemporary : 22/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Viennese Waltz : 26/30

Derek and Sharna’s Jazz routine : 23/30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Contemporary : 29/30

Sasha and Gleb’s Foxtrot : 24/30

Vanessa and Maks’s Rumba : 24/30

Drew and Emma (with Jonathan)’s Jive : 24/30

Victoria and Val’s Foxtrot : 27/30

Of course, the emotional night ended with another couple going home.

In jeopardy

Nick Lachey and Peta

Derek Fisher and Sharna

Couple going home

Derek and Sharna

Switching gears from emotional to lighthearted and fun, next week is Disney Night! Who’s excited? While we wait, check one of my favorite dances from a previous DWTS Disney Night here!

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