DWTS Week 3: Guilty Pleasures Recap

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Dancing with the Stars week 3 theme was Guilty Pleasures although, I’m not sure what definition of “guilty pleasure” the stars were using, in my opinion. Additonally, John Cena was in the ballroom supporting fiance, Nikki Bella, and Artem (Nikki’s pro partner) couldn’t look more like the awkward third wheel as the couple resembled heart eyes and kissy face emojis (they are darn adorable though!) In other ballroom news, Maks was sitting out this week due to “personal issues” later reported as personality clashes/conflicts with his partner, Vanessa Lachey. Alan (who was eliminated last week) filled in as he had in past seasons for injured pros. Before we go to the score let’s recap some of the best and worst of the night!

Best Dance of the Night:

Lindsey and Mark’s Jive

Lindsey Stirling’s guilty pleasure is staying in her pajama (doesn’t everyone love this? See what I mean?) Mark’s amazing and creative choreography continued to showcase Lindsey’s energetic personality despite hard times in her personal life! Just look at those flicks and kicks! You just have to watch it for yourself. Watch the dance here!

Best Dance of the Night (that didn’t follow the rules):

Jordan and Lindsay’s (sorta) Charleston

Jordan Fisher revealed that his guilty pleasure is comic books. He performed a very entertaining, comic book/superhero dance number with his partner Lindsay. The choreography was so on point for the theme of the dance! Too bad there wasn’t enough Charleston in the dance for Len, deducting points for the couple. Unfortunately, I have to agree. This dance would have been great as a freestyle or Jazz routine, but the dance lacked Charleston elements with the except of a couple of bars. Kudos for daring to take risks and for being added to the list of most memorable dances on DWTS! Watch the dance here!

Worst Dance of the Night:

Sasha and Gleb’s Jazz

Sasha shared her guilty pleasure of baking with the audience. (Again, what?) After last week, I thought Sasha was going to come out with a BAM! I waited throughout the entire dance for it. The problem was the lack of choreography. What gives Gleb? Girl can dance, give her complex choreography to grow as a dancer. In turn, it will add the scores on top of her already large fan base Sasha has.

Courtesy of ABC



Drew and Emma’s Argentine Tango : 23/30

Derek and Sharna’s Cha-Cha : 21/30

Victoria and Val’s Quickstep : 22/30

Vanessa and Alan’s (filling in for Maks) Jazz Routine : 23/30

Nikki and Artem’s Viennese Waltz : 21/30

Frankie and Witney’s Samba : 21/30

Lindsey and Mark’s Jive :  27/30

Sasha and Gleb’s Jazz Routine : 19/30

Nick and Peta’s Jazz Routine : 21/30

Terrell and Cheryl’s Salsa : 21/30

Jordan and Lindsay’s Charleston : 25/ 30

Bring some tissues next week’s theme is “Most Memorable Year”! Don’t forget to vote for you favorite couples each week!

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