DWTS Week 2 Recap: Ballroom and Latin Night Plus First Eliminations!

The second week of Dancing with the Stars asked our new couples to prepare two full dances for this week’s two-night competitio with an elimination at the end of each! See how the stars and their partners did with this challenge and who went home.

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Monday Night’s Ballroom Night

The couples each performed a Ballroom dance such as the tango, waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep.


Debbie & Alan’s quickstep : 20/30

The thing with Debbie and Alan is that their dances aren’t memorable. I am trying to recall their dance and I am having a hard time. The two need to get some chemistry going.

Nikki & Artem’s waltz : 21/30

First thought: Artem didn’t get beat up! Once Nikki gets comfortable with her dancing self, I think she can do well in the competition.

Lindsey & Mark’s quickstep : 21 out of 30

I honestly love this pairing! Lindsey and Mark seem to always be on the same page in terms of creativity! The two literally blossomed into butterflies during this number. (And Grumpy Len called them out for not being in hold enough, but that’s a risk Mark and Lindsey are always willing to take.)

Barbara & Keo’s tango : 17/30

I have no comment except, Keo is super brave for enduring this each season.

Nick & Peta’s foxtrot : 19/30

I hate to admit it, but this is the Lachey brother that can’t dance. Perhaps I’m too hasty to judge this soon. We’ll have to see. I really hope they can prove me wrong!

Drew & Emma’s quickstep : 20/30

Drew’s dance started off on the wrong foot as Drew struggled through the footwork, but he ended with a solid side-by-side Charleston section redeeming himself.

Courtesy of ABC

Vanessa & Maks’s foxtrot  : 24/30

Girl can dance! I feel this is an excellent partnership. Vanessa is a true contender (see below for further evidence on Night 2.)

Frankie & Witney’s tango : 23/30

Frankie is coming up from behind. Not only is he thoroughly enjoying learning how to dance, but also he is giving his all. I just worry that he’ll push himself too far and end up injured based on his back injury history.

Terrell & Cheryl’s foxtrot : 20/30

Who was fanning themselves after this number? That choreography was exactly what I was expecting to Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk.

Sasha & Gleb’s Viennese Waltz : 23/30

Sasha’s parents who are professional Ballroom dancers, tagged teamed her with Gleb this week. It paid off in an elegant Viennese Waltz.

Victoria & Val’s tango : 24/30

WOWZA! Both the Chmerkovskiy brother are at the top of the leaderboard with solid partners! Remember, Victoria cannot feel her feet so watching this tango was amazing! She herself couldn’t tell us how she was able to do it.

Derek & Sharna’s foxtrot : 19/30

Mama Fisher made an appearance tonight and agreed with the judges assessment of her son’s performance and agreed that he needed to work on his frame. I believe the dance was underscored. Is someone not a Lakers’ fan?

Jordan & Lindsay : 24/30

I am not at all surprised that Jordan is included in the three-way tie for the top spot, but let’s hope he can maintain it. Who am I kidding? He will; however, he will have to set himself apart from the others and make sure he doesn’t lose momentum.

Couples in jeopardy

Terrell & Cheryl

Barbara & Keo

Going home: Barbara & Keo (Did I call it or what?) #JusticeForKeo

Barbara and Keo Week 2 Elimination
Courtesy of ABC

Hopefully, one of these seasons Keo can make it further into the competition. Until then, it is the end of the competition for Shark Tank‘s Barbara Corcoran.

Tuesday Night’s Latin Night

On the second night of competition, the first 9 of the season was given out (of course, not by Len!) as each couple tackled Latin numbers from salsa to Paso Doble to Argentine Tango to samba to rumba.


Nikki & Artem’s samba : 18/30

Just when you think you never have to hear Despacito again, Nikki performed a sexy Samba to it. However, it was missing the samba bounce that is the hallmark of the dance earning her the lowest score of the night.

Victoria & Val’s rumba : 20/30

Rumba on week 2 is a challenge. Especially after only knowing your partner for a short time and then having to get all up in each other’s personal bubbles. This is one of the reasons I think this dance was not Victoria’s strongest. I see this being her redemption dance in the semi-finals (she is gonna get there!)  It was also her birthday! Happy Birthday, Victoria!

Victoria and Val Week 2 Latin Night
Courtesy of ABC

Derek & Sharna’s Paso Doble : 19/30

I think I was way too into the music for this dance at time to realize the low scores. I thought Derek held is own (he had a solo part!) and presented a strong demeanor required for the Paso. I’m waiting for the judges to show Derek some love soon.

Sasha & Gleb’s samba : 22/30

Sasha brought her confidence tonight in her prom-themed samba! As I mentioned before, the Samba is not an easy dance and she had me wishing my prom was half as much as fun as this dance was. She also opened up about her PCOS that has lead to her weight gain. People can be so mean and she shouldn’t have to talk about this.

Nick & Peta’s Argentine Tango : 19/30

I have to agree with Len on this. I was not feeling any passion and saw a lot of feet shuffling during the dance. Nick didn’t miss a step, but he needs to get into the dance more. Additionally, Nick proved to us that men don’t remember details about first dates when asked to recall his first date with his wife, Vanessa and failed.

Jordan & Lindsay’s samba : 24/30

Jordan and Lindsay brought out the samba rolls in week 2! There is no doubt that Jordan will perform every dance well, but I love that he is willing to learn and implement feedback in each new routine.

Drew & Emma’s rumba : 21/30

The award for the most improved goes to Drew! After a slightly confusing analogy, Len declared this Drew’s best dance. Isn’t it too soon to be handing out that title? I mean, it is only week 2!

Debbie & Alan’s Argentine Tango : 21/30

I was disappointed by both Argentine Tangos tonight. This is my favorite dance and both lacked the energy and chemistry necessary to execute the moves but it is week 2. Debbie never missed a move, but I felt nothing.

Vanessa & Maks’s salsa : 23/30

Yes girl! Bring it, girl! This salsa was full of energy that even Len called Vanessa a “contender”! I totally agree! Vanessa’s drive, energy and her partnership with Maks are all the right ingredients to make it to the finals. (I don’t care if it too soon to talk about it!)

Terrell & Cheryl’s samba : 19/30

Someone called the fire department because it was gonna get hot in the ballroom, but it cooled off too quickly as Cheryl pulled Terrell around the dance floor. Overall, I wasn’t a big fan of the dance or the fireman theme.

Lindsey & Mark’s salsa : 24/30

Mark has some of the best choreography in DWTS! How does this guy not have an Emmy yet? This salsa had it all, from the energy to complicated footwork and those split at the end was the cherry on top!

Frankie & Witney’s cha cha : 25/30

Witney’s choreography was on point!  The entire dance was full of so much energy, I continually impressed and wowed by Frankie Muniz. Even Bruno thought so, giving out the first 9 of the season! Watch out! Looks like Malcolm is no longer in the middle. (Sorry, I had to do it!)

Couples in jeopardy

Nick & Peta (Dude needs to step it up!)

Debbie & Alan

Going home: Debbie & Alan

I was not surprised that Debbie Gibson and Alan were sent home tonight, but I was definitely surprised to see Nick Lachey in jeopardy.

Debbie and Alan
Courtesy of ABC

Next week is guilty pleasure’s week! Which couple’s dance are you looking forward to most? Don’t forget to vote for your favorites so they can stay in competition!

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