The Doctor Blake Mysteries: “Sorrow Songs” Review

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is back (on Australian TV only, alas.).

Lucien and Jean [insert heart eyes emoji]
In the second episode of the fifth season, Rose stumbles upon the body of a young gypsy woman. We get to learn a bit about the Romani travelers as Blake and the gang narrow down the suspects. We see a familiar face thrown into the mix of suspects, and in the end it’s a surprising reveal.

Turns out Jean’s local knowledge of all things Ballarat proves to be the key to solving the case. You guys, just add Jean to the police payroll.

You all know how this works by now. The cases are a bit staid and conventional, but I want to keep watching. The actual mystery of the week doesn’t excite me that much, to be honest, but I love getting to know the people involved. That’s what makes the show so fun. Alice Harvey’s quips, Charlie’s character development, and figuring out if Matthew Lawson can walk.

Season five of The Doctor Blake Mysteries is still the same show we all love, but the tone is brighter and more lighthearted. The jokes land better and are tighter. That is mostly due to Lucien being happy in his personal life with Jean. The way the two joke around with each other just makes me squee.

I really just want to talk about Jean for a bit because she’s my favorite character and I wish the show allowed Jean to have more of a role outside of her relationship with Lucien. Nadine Garner radiates on screen, and has an easy, comfortable chemistry with Craig McLachlan. When the two are onscreen together it’s magic. Seriously, show me another onscreen duo with as much chemistry. It’s a sight to see, for sure.

However, let’s give her more to do. After sharing a passionate kiss with Lucien, Jean wrestles with the implications of her wants and desires while also wanting to stay strong in her Catholic faith.

After getting caught by Rose on her way to visit Lucien in the middle of the night, Jean goes back to her room and wipes off the lipstick she so carefully applied just moments ago. Garner plays the moment with such defeat, guilt and maybe a little relief and it’s the perfect dichotomy. I wanted to commiserate with Jean right then and there.

The passionate kiss scene was nice, but my favorite scene was when they were dancing in the living room. It was so romantic and showed just how much the two have grown over the course of their relationship. I can’t wait for those two to finally get married so Jean doesn’t have to feel guilty about wanting to sleep with the man she loves.

Jean does have one scene with Patrick Tyneman, and it’s just so sweet. He congratulates her on her engagement with Lucien and then tells her to forget other people and be happy. You can see Jean’s shoulders relax as she finally exhales the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

Overall, another fine episode that keeps me wanting more.

See you next Sunday-ish (I’ve got two kids and a demanding job; I’ll get to it eventually)!

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