Chicago P.D. 2×10, “Shouldn’t Have Been Alone”

After a brief hiatus that drove most of us zany (IS BURGESS ALIVE?!!? IS LINDSAY REALLY LEAVING?!!?), Chicago P.D. returned this week with quite a bang. Every week, I think Chicago P.D. cannot get any more action-packed, but then the next week happens and I’m left speechless and not knowing where to start. The  winter premiere was a character-driven rollercoaster ride that gave us a heavy dose of both couples with a healthy dash of feels.

Case of the Week-

We start right where we left off with Burgess bleeding on the sidewalk. Not ideal. Roman runs into the house alone and finds the scariest haunted house in history- this thing is rigged with trip wires, screamo music and even a body dissolving in acid. I originally made fun of Roman for looking like a scared little girl, but I don’t think I can blame him. That house is scary shit.

Speaking of the body in acid, the team identifies him as a Luther Markov, Dean of Psychology at a nearby university. Atwater discovers that the tags on his vehicle do not belong to him, but instead belong to a Travis Webber. Lindsay, Halstead, Ruzek and Voight meet the Bomb Squad at Webber’s bike shop, where they are met with another rig and oh- yea- another body. Webber’s wife reveals that Markov worked with her husband’s father, Isaac. Antonio uncovers a restraining order the senior Webber recently filed against a student, Spencer York.

A visit to Isaac Webber’s teaching assistant reveals that York had a meltdown while defending his thesis. The topic of said thesis? Spheres of influence and the ability to pass psychological trauma onto others. York was traumatized by getting kicked out of school, and decided to take out his anger on those in Webber’s “sphere.”

York is apprehended after an explosion at his place, just in time for the team to realize that Isaac Webber’s wife, Susannah, is missing. Susannah is a real estate agent who flips houses, and Voight, Halstead and Roman find her in her underwear with a bomb strapped to her body.

Susannah WAILS throughout the entire ordeal- probably because she is in her underwear with a bomb strapped to her body- but Halstead manages to focus through the wailing, pull the detonator out of the C4 attached to her body and save the day.


After one- maybe two Burzek scenes in all of Chicago P.D.’s existence, we FINALLY got ALL of the Burzek we’ve been begging for and more. It was glorious.

I must say that I underestimated Ruzek. When Burgess was shot, my first thought was, “Ruzek is going to LOSE IT.” I got super excited imagining a scene where Ruzek storms into the hospital, shoves Roman against a wall and threatens to kick his ass- only to have Atwater hold him back but then shove Roman against the wall himself. We got kind of close to a Ruzek/Roman ass-kicking, but Adam held it together remarkably well.

The first Burzek scene in the hospital is perfection. Ruzek does indeed storm in, but has no idea what to do. He does the only thing he can- which is hold her hand and just sit there.

Actually, every scene in the hospital is perfection- even the ones with Ruzek and Platt. Platt is full of wisdom in this episode; she tells Ruzek the importance of being there when Burgess wakes via a story about when she once was “shot in the ass.” She even caps it off by advising Burgess to “duck” the next time she finds herself in the situation that got her shot.

The best scene of the entire episode, however, is this one.

I love so many things about this scene: Burgess waking up without missing a beat (“What year is it? Who is the President? What is the internet?”), Ruzek’s assuring, “hey, I’m here, too,” and that “I love you.”

THAT I LOVE YOU. The way Ruzek squeaked it out was adorable. If I were in charge of giving episodes their titles, I would’ve called this one, “Burzek: The Movie.” There was so much sweet, sweet Burzek action in this episode that even the actors caught feels by the end:

See? Even Halstead ships Burzek. They’re out in the open, now, too, so I’m excited to see where they go from here- especially since the episode ends with Voight offering Burgess a spot in Intelligence. It seems like a slam dunk, right? I know I’m not the only person who stopped short of screaming, “JUST SAY YES!” when Voight offered it up, but I guess it’s not that easy. Burgess lies to Ruzek about talking to Voight when he wakes up, and then ends the episode by taking a long, hard look in the mirror to contemplate her next move.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.14.43 PM

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous Marina Squerciati looks without makeup? GORGEOUS. And staring into a camera like that for the whole world to see takes guts. Props to you, Marina. I’m jealous- I just look pale and sickly when I don’t wear makeup, and that’s without even being shot.

Anyways, I have two guesses as to why Burgess is conflicted about joining Intelligence. Either (a) Roman has gotten in her head about the importance of being a patrolman, or (b) she watches Chicago Fire and does not want to go the way of Dawsey. I’m hoping that her reason is the former, but that being shot causes a rift between she and Roman that makes her wants to get away. I think my reasoning might be a little selfish, but I make zero apologies.

The portion of the recap that I use to talk about how much I CANNOT STAND Roman-

Episode after episode, I think, “maybe this will be the one that makes me like him,” but it never happens.     I want to like Roman, but week after week, he does more stuff to drive me insane. I’m so desperate to like this character that I even managed to squeeze a question into Derek Haas’ weekly Q&A after the midseason finale:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 5.17.34 PM

This week, the aforementioned list begins with the ambulance ride with Burgess to the hospital (yeah, cry it out, Roman, THIS IS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT), but the scene that really made me insane was this one:

As Ruzek lifts the trunk, Roman yells a warning. It doesn’t matter, however, because the trunk triggers an explosion in the apartment. We come back from commercial to this gem:

“The car was rigged!”
“I know- that’s why I yelled ‘Ruzek- no!’”

I mean- who says that?!?

We got SO CLOSE to Ruzek swinging at Roman- which is exactly what I wanted- but Lindsay and Halstead broke it up.

Ruzek and Roman

I call that photo, “the only time I have EVER been mad at Linstead.” I just want somebody to punch him so badly. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

We can also add the scene in Voight’s office to the list of things that drive me insane. Voight calls Roman into his office for what I hoped would be a good, thorough bitch-out. We instead got a very uncharacteristic motivational speech from Voight where he assured Roman that he knew he “did everything he could.” BUT HE DIDN’T.

By the end of the episode, I was so fed up with Roman that all I could think was, “SHUT UP, Roman!” as he tried to calm down poor Susannah (the previously mentioned woman with the bomb strapped to her body).

I know this seems random, but I’m going to take a paragraph to talk about Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy has been on ABC for ELEVEN YEARS now. That show is a revolving door of new characters, but viewers do not get tired and continue to watch week after week. The reason that show has survived as long as it has is because it does an excellent job of intertwining new characters with existing cast. The new character becomes part of the existing character’s life, and because viewers care about the existing character, they care about what the new character does.

Chicago P.D. has yet to do this with Sean Roman, and I think that is why it has been damn near impossible to warm up to him. I can’t care about what Roman does when he is (a) bitching at Olinsky over something that happened years ago, (b) getting Antonio involved in a mess that almost cost him his career and (c) getting his partner shot. He has added nothing positive to this show since his arrival, and that is also why I am worried that Burgess may not join Intelligence. Without Burgess, none of us are going to care about what happens on patrol. Scenes between Roman and whoever replaces Burgess will just become unnecessary. I’m hoping that Burgess does indeed join Intelligence, but that they fix the mistake they made with Roman and make us care enough about Burgess’ replacement to make us pay attention to patrol.

Oh My Linstead-

I’m just going to let the GIF’s speak for themselves:


Speaking of GIF’s, check out next week’s promo:

I’ve already started stockpiling GIF’s for Linstead’s first kiss. Observe:

Twitter is going to EXPLODE and I cannot wait.

So what did you think of Chicago P.D.’s return? Are you glad that we finally got some Burzek action? Is Roman as bad as I think? ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR LINSTEAD? Drop me a comment or a tweet @GinaWatchesTV and lets chat! See you guys on Wednesday!

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