Chicago P.D. 2×07, “They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

By the end of Crossover Week’s final episode, I felt like I’d been sucked up by a tornado and spit out. The crossover built up and eventually came to an intense end that left us all emotional and feelsy. To quote Mean Girls: It. Was. Awesome.

Allow me to sum up the preceding Law & Order: SVU episode, first:

When we join Linstead in New York, Lindsay is an emotional mess; she is far more emotional than she should be for a detective assigned to this case. Halstead and Amaro find Teddy in Central Park, and he’s unique, to say the least. Teddy and his friend, Jocelyn, used to belong to a youth center where it is later discovered that the head security guard is “selling” kids to the pedophilia ring (creepily titled “The Chess & Checkers Club). Lindsay and Halstead are in the first half of the episode, and Voight arrives for the second half after sending Linstead home. Why does he send our favorite couple-to-be back to Chicago, you ask?

I could watch this GIFset over and over because I am absolutely shameless about my love for Halstead. If only they allowed emojis over the computer. I’d put heart eyes all over this recap. I make zero apologies. 

Voight and Benson- who are absolutely MAGICAL together- take down the New York part of the ring only to find out that the “head of the snake” of said ring is in Chicago. The episode ends with Voight receiving news that the fire victim who set the crossover in motion, along with the police officer guarding him, were just murdered at Chicago Med.

Other notes/thoughts from the episode from someone who does not watch Law & Order:

1. Law & Order: SVU is actually REALLY good television.

2. Halstead’s face when Benson beats the crap out of the security guard is priceless.
Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 4.22.40 PM

3. Benson and Voight’s ship name is Mr. & Mrs. Thorn. I ship it. I ship it so hard.
Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 4.26.40 PM

4. What’s the story on Benson’s baby, Noah? She adopted him, right? I only ask because the opening scene is Benson and Amaro pushing him in a swing. As in, what is Amaro’s role in all of this?

5. This bit of dialogue from Amaro in the opening two minutes:
“Did you work with those two when you were in Chicago? Is that the guy who hit on Rollins?”

Yes, Amaro. Halstead is indeed the guy who hit on Rollins in last year’s crossover.

6. This scene between Halstead, Rollins and Amaro:

Halstead: “She’s the toughest cop I know.”
Rollins and Amaro glance at each other.
Halstead: “It’s not like that- we work together.”
Amaro: “We get it.”
Rollins: “Totally.”

I’d write this recap by character like I usually do, but this episode was so insane that I have to go scene-by-scene. The transition from Law & Order: SVU to Chicago P.D. was seamless; the only way the audience knew that we’d gone into the next show was by the rating marker at the top of the screen. Intelligence runs into Chicago Med where Burgess informs them that the murdered officer’s name is Ross McCadden. McCadden was Ruzek’s homeroom instructor at the Academy. Ruzek is shocked and saddened as he crouches over his friend’s body; he just spoke to him the other day, he says.

Antonio and Atwater watch the surveillance video to see that both McCadden and Lewellen were shot point blank by a gunman wearing a hat and glasses. The best camera angle they have is from the side.

Back at the Precinct, Amaro and Rollins from SVU are present for the latest briefing. Bob Clinton, the man behind the camera in New York, was about to give up a name, but was killed in prison not even twenty-four hours after arriving. Voight asks Ruzek for any dirt on Lewellen; the only thing Ruzek could find were approximately $5,000 per month being paid to a nearby senior center. This is relevant, he says, because Lewellen had no family.

Ruzek and Amaro head to the senior center to discover a Dorothy Hughes. Lewellen’s name does not ring a bell with her because her bill is paid by her daughter, Matilda. Nadia discovers that Matilda works for the Department of Children & Family Services. Halstead and Antonio head to her apartment to find a semi-disturbing trend in this crossover: everyone of interest keeps turning up dead.

Matilda was funneling kids to New York through DCFS, which leads Olinsky and Atwater to pay a visit to Matilda’s boss, Mr. Van Camp. Van Camp claims not to know a thing; the only tip he gives is the name of Matilda’s on-again/off-again boyfriend. The boyfriend’s records later turn up clean. Mmmhmm.

Back at DCFS, Lindsay finds a file containing Teddy’s photo. Teddy was in foster care with a family called the Whitings. According to the records, Mr. and Mrs. Whiting have two kids now, Amy and Christopher. Lindsay and Rollins pay the Whitings a visit, but a phone call from Ruzek reveals that Mrs. Whiting has been dead for years. Rollins & Lindsay head inside and find Mr. Whiting sitting alone with a gun. They try to negotiate with him and get him to put the gun down, but he kills himself by shooting the gun through his mouth.

Meanwhile, Bitchy and Burgess have been tasked with identifying the shooter. Burgess- not Roman, because Roman sucks- gets Atwater to zoom in on the shooter’s image because of something suspicious on his ear. Atwater is able to deduce that the shooter is a fighter, and Burgess and her unfortunate partner hit the local gyms to get an ID. Todd Ledbetter is identified as the shooter after a really awkward confrontation courtesy of Roman. Intelligence & SVU head to his address to find him attempting to escape via the roof.

That synchronized fence jump from Halstead and Amaro was kind of the best. Also, who the hell would run away from Halstead and Ruzek? I wouldn’t. After Ledbetter hits the ground, Voight gives the command to “breach the house.” They find little Amy: a precious, terrified little girl who immediately takes to Lindsay. Lindsay refuses to put her in the system and insists that Amy go home with her.

After Commander Fisher gives Voight twenty-four hours to solve the case- they’re too connected due to Teddy being Lindsay’s brother- Mr. and Mrs. Thorn- err- Voight and Benson talk on the phone. Benson agrees to take the next flight out to assist in solving the case.

Teddy, too, flies in and quickly recognizes the man “everyone is afraid of” on the bulletin board. It’s Matilda’s boss, Mr. Van Camp.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 4.31.34 PM

That stare from Olinsky, though.

Voight tries to interrogate him Voight-style, but Benson stops him. Because this is a case that stretches jurisdictions, Benson asks for “five minutes,” stating that Voight’s actions have consequences that effect her. She appeals to Van Camp’s humanity and tells him that offenders who do the right thing are the ones who sleep at night. Van Camp fesses up and the team finds Chris locked away in an abandoned building.

As Antonio and Ruzek return to the precinct, Ruzek receives a message that McCadden’s wife and daughter are about to leave. Intelligence, SVU and the rest of the house line up to deliver a full-on, two-show salute. I got choked up both when this scene aired and when I watched the episode again to write this recap. It’s feels everywhere.

Chicago P.D.

The episode ends with Benson and Voight getting deep over beers.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 4.35.53 PM

“I wish I could’ve seen more of your city.”

I’m sure you do, Benson.

“It’s beautiful. Even when it isn’t.”


Crossover Week, man. It was so epic that I have to embed my own tweet to sum up my feelings about the three hours:

The three episodes really were a fantastic, intense and emotional ride. Crossover Week needs to be an annual occurrence. Hopefully, Chicago Fire will play a bigger role should they decide to do it next year. Also, can Voight and Benson be a thing? Maybe they can keep it long distance? I mean, Mariska Hargitay and Jason Beghe have some fantastic chemistry together. I feel like the Voight and Benson connection is something the writers should definitely keep in their bag of tricks.

Did you watch all three episodes of Crossover Week? What did you think? I want to know! Leave a comment or a tweet @GinaWatchesTV! See you guys next week!

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