Chicago PD 4×22 Review: Frustratingly Frustrating

The Good…

Season 4 has outdone previous seasons with the cases in each episode. This week’s case was sad, harrowing and infuriating, but interesting. CPD has made it a point the last couple of episodes to show that not all cases have “happy endings”. What infuriated me was the random story they came up with to make Erin’s assault on the suspect personal. Seriously writers? All you had to do was tap into Jay’s past with pedophiles and there was your personal connection to the case. Plus, Lindsay has a brother that was a victim of a pedophile ring as well!

The Frustrating Parts…

The writers’ poor treatment of Lindsay’s character

Photo from the episode "Army of One"

Erin Lindsay is my favourite character on CPD but for the love of God she deserves better! She’s been through enough over the past 4 years don’t you think? Clearly the writers don’t. I know at the beginning of CPD they billed her as the “female Severide” (for those who don’t watch Chicago Fire, he’s one of the male leads on that show) given they are “cut from the same cloth” but constantly putting her in emotional turmoil much like Chicago Fire does with Severide is annoying and overdone. The character deserves better and so do the fans.

Voight splitting up Jay and Erin

Photo from the episode "Army of One"

I think this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Since episode 17 (the start of Linstead’s problems) we have been seeing cracks in Erin’s armour. Jay even had to restrain her a few episodes ago. Therefore, Voight breaking them up was the worst thing he could do because Jay would have been able to rein her in during that interrogation. This shows that Linstead is much more than a relationship. It’s a partnership that keeps them both grounded. Without that, the effects are there for all to see…

Linstead’s break up as a plot device for Erin and not Jay

Okay writers, we get it. You’ve shown us how much Lindsay needs Halstead. But your execution has been all wrong. Using their breakup as a plot device to land Erin in trouble is ridiculous. This storyline should have been the beginning of fans learning more about Jay’s character and not as a plot device to put the show’s female lead in trouble (again). However, I do have (possibly misplaced) faith that the writers will explore Jay’s PTSD next season (I see it as a good season-long arc and not something for a few episodes at the end of a season)

Linstead still broken up

Enough said.

Lack of originality by the writers.

Let’s recap the season finales of CPD shall we?

Season 1: Lindsay’s job may be in jeopardy due to someone from her past; Jin turns up dead and Voight looks like the likely suspect.

Season 2: Lindsay continues to spiral after Nadia’s death (R.I.P) and quits Intelligence.

Season 3: Voight kills Justin’s murderer and Lindsay is an inadvertent accessory to murder.

Season 4: Lindsay is in trouble due to her actions and possibly Bunny (see next week’s promo).

See the trend? It’s as if they sit down close to the end of each season and say, “how can we put Voight’s and/or Lindsay’s job on the line for this finale?”.

Predictions for the Finale

In order of most likely to least likely, I fully expect one of these 4 things to happen in the finale:

  1. After the chief’s ultimatum, Voight chooses his daugh—oops I mean Lindsay, and intelligence gets shut down. Bunny leaves town never to be seen or heard from again.
  2. Lindsay will either be suspended or demoted to beat cop (this wouldn’t be the worst thing because it would give us more Platt and possibly an avenue for Linstead to get back together). Bunny leaves town never to be seen or heard from again.
  3. Voight will somehow succeed in taking the fall for Lindsay, preserving her career (just as she did for him at the beginning of the season) and the unit in the process. Bunny leaves town never to be seen or heard from again.
  4. Lindsay will end up leaving Chicago with her mother (if this happens next week’s review will be my last because I will be done with this show!). Bunny leaves town never to be seen or heard from again.

Is it obvious that I dislike Bunny Fletcher? Okay good.

Side Note

There was a curious little scene between Jay and Al which ended with:

Jay: “Man, I blew it”

Al: “No, you still have a job, a desk…”

Jay: “No, I blew it with Erin.”

Could it be any clearer how much he loves her? So then, explain to me why he was contemplating going to a party with a woman his brother clearly has feelings for (Chicago Med’s finale)? Please Chicagoverse, work on the continuity next season for these shows!!

Rant over. Are you as frustrated right now as I am?

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