Chicago P.D. – 4×03: “All Cylinders Firing” Recap

Chicago P.D. - 4x03 - plattIf there’s one thing to be said about Hank Voight and the Intelligence Unit, it’s that they take their job seriously and don’t mess around or waste time in solving cases, especially when it involves one of their own. We’ve seen it happen concerning Halstead, Lindsay, Burgess, and Voight’s son throughout the series. Now, with “All Cylinders Firing” we see the unit take charge when everyone’s favorite Desk Sgt., Trudy Platt, gets jumped and beaten.

This episode of Chicago P.D. starts off with Platt having dinner with her father. They talk about his new, younger girlfriend and money before Platt leaves to meet her husband (“Mouch” on Chicago Fire). Things take a turn, however, when she is jumped from the back and is repeatedly beaten as she’s getting into her car. Platt reaches for her gun and sets the alarm on her car off, and when the neighbors come out to see what all the racket is about, the suspect takes off with Platt’s gun. She manages to crawl on the ground to become visible to the neighbors who call the police after she tells them she is a cop.

She is rushed to Med where she is pronounced unresponsive and they immediately wheel her to trauma. Halstead and Lindsay inform Voight that she’s in surgery and Dawson has already set up a grid and that there’s a witness.

cpd-4x03-mouchPlatt’s husband, “Mouch” (Chicago Fire), arrives and as to be expected, he’s very emotional. He wants to know the truth and who did it. Voight and Lindsay question him, but he can’t remember where she was supposed to be that night. Covering their bases, Lindsay asks if she could have been with another guy, to which “Mouch” doesn’t appreciate and tells them to have some compassion. Voight cuts in and states that him and Platt go back 20 years. He knows exactly what “Mouch” is feeling, and he assures him they’re doing everything they can to find who did this

Meanwhile, Dawson and Olinsky meet with the witness who tells them he didn’t see the guy, but the car was a V8. He knows because he collects cars. That’s their biggest lead until another suspect tells them that she was supposed to go see her dad that night.

When Ruzek and Olinsky go to Platt’s father’s house, they break down the door to find him on the floor, shot to death. Voight shows up and him and Olinsky are visibly angry about the ordeal. When they notice that there was no break-in, they assume that whoever did this beat up Platt’s father in order to get information on Platt.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodes (Chicago Med) informs Halstead and Lindsay that Platt is going to be fine, “she’s up and alert. She’s kind of rude and all cylinders firing.” When Lindsay and Halstead go into see Platt, she tells them that she has no idea who did this to her. Halstead breaks the news to her about her father, to which she visibly breaks. She tells them to “stop treating her like a victim.” Lindsay solemnly responds that she is one tonight.

Platt asked if it looked like it was a robbery, and when they told her it didn’t, Lindsay noticed Platt make a face that said she knew something. So her and Halstead went to the filing room at the district because they know Platt did a civilian search illegally and they wanted to know who she did it on. After some convincing, Virginia finally helps them out. It’s revealed that Platt searched the new girl her father was dating, Natalie Kern, and her ex-boyfriend, Leonard Milwood.

The unit hunts them down and catches them at a store using Platt’s father’s credit card. After a bit of a chase, they arrest them and bring them in for questioning. Voight tells Natalie that he knows her and her boyfriend are con-artists and calls them out on what they did to Platt and her dad. They end up ratting each other out, but they didn’t kill or try to kill anyone.

cpd-4x03-platt-and-voightLong recap made short, turns out it was actually another guy Platt and her father knew. Wade McGregor worked for Platt’s father. Platt realized it, walked out of the hospital, and went after McGregor herself. When the Unit found out, Voight knew where to go and found her when she was just about to put a bullet in a tied up McGregor’s head. He tries to talk her down, but she yells that he of all people should understand, and he yells back that she isn’t him. She breaks down in her arms.

The episode ends with “Mouch” and Platt talking. She purposely leaves out that she went after McGregor when he asks how they caught him. He tells her that he wishes he had met her when they were younger, and they exchange “I love yous.”

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