Chicago P.D. – 4×02 – “Made a Wrong Turn” Recap

Chicago P.D. - 4x02Chicago P.D. is pretty good at dealing with real issues that are going on in the world today. Whether it be your everyday murder (sadly, everyday murder is actually reality), drug busts, gang issues, or mass shootings, Chicago P.D. deals with it all. This episode is no different when it touches on the hot topics of racism and the police. I always love shows that relate to what is actually going on in the world. It helps the audience connect with it more.

To be honest, this episode seemed kind of like a filler episode. It dealt with a single case like usual, but it didn’t really give us much else with the exception of more Linstead happiness. It’s still worth talking about though, so let’s get to it.

The episode starts with Burgess and her new partner, Tay, out covering the streets. They get a call in about a car being stripped (in a prominently black area) and they take it. Once they arrive, the guy inside the car takes off. They try to chase him, but he ends up getting away. Halstead and Atwater arrive at the scene to offer help, and Burgess shows them an ID the guy dropped. The ID belongs to a white woman from North Brook. The car is registered to her and there’s blood in the car, but no woman.

A woman runs out of her house screaming for the police to help because she found a dead looking guy on her back porch. The guy’s ID says he lives at the same address as the woman who owns the car and is missing.

So begins the case of this missing girl, Sara.

While the unit is discussing the case when Commander Crowley walks in. She gives them the statistics of how they’re have been 60 shootings in the last week, 12 being fatal. She doesn’t beat around the bush when saying they have a white woman missing in the heart of a primarily black ghetto. Crowley tells them to assume the worst and do whatever they need to do to find her. She makes a point to pull Voight aside to tell him to do it carefully because so many eyes are currently on the police. Voight was quick to tell her that none of that mattered to him. If it were a black girl missing on the north side, he would handle the case the same way.

Meanwhile, remember how Halstead asked Lindsay to move in with him and we didn’t really get an answer? Well we finally get one! While they are out patrolling the missing girl case, Lindsay tells him that she’s crazy in love with him, but she doesn’t want to move in with him. 🙁 INSTEAD, she wants him to move in with her since she already has a mortgage and they can double up to get it paid off faster. Smart thinking there, Lindsay 😉 -p.s. he tells her he loves her too at the end of the episode 🙂cpd-4x02-jay and lindsay Voight enlists as many officers as he can to search the streets for Sara. He informs the officers that “It is not us versus them. Do not buy into any of the crap on the news; there are a lot of good people in this neighborhood who don’t see us as the enemy. Clear your heads of all that nonsense and do your job.”

I think it is good that this was brought up because these are real life issues going on in the world today. It’s not just a dramatic plot on a television show.

Atwater and Ruzek eventually track down the guys who tried to clean out Sara’s car. One is only 15 and he has Sara’s phone. He claims he doesn’t know where she is, but informs Atwater and Ruzek that he saw her boyfriend, Nathan, speaking to a guy named Hudson, who doesn’t exactly have a clean track record.

When the unit hunts down Hudson, he informs them that Nathan was trying to score some “H” and screwed up by paying with fake money, which is why he was nearly beaten to death. Hudson insists that Sara was left in the car though.

After some more searching, digging, and the help of Bobby Trent (a guy pretending to be an undercover cop in order to get video footage), Intelligence finds out where the suspect is. He’s in a secure community called “The Gardens.” It takes a little convincing, but Voight finally gets the guard crew to let them in. They also agreed that it was time for the suspect, “66,” to be put down because he’s a sick individual.

Long story short, Halstead shoots “66” and Sara is saved.

It’s also important to mention that “Mouse” has decided to go back into the army, to Halstead’s dismay. However, in order for him to go back, he asks Voight to lie on his behalf in order to clear his criminal record. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Voight’s answer.

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