Chicago P.D. – 4×01: The Silos – Recap

Season 3 of Chicago P.D. ended with Sgt. Hank Voight getting vengeance for the murder of his son, and Erin Lindsay being the only one to know what he did and where he did it. Here is my recap of that in case you missed it. Therefore, it only makes sense for the season 4 premiere to show us the results of those actions. In this episode appropriately titled “The Silos”, we basically get side stories of another man’s son being murdered and Burgess working with her new partner, Julie Tay, while the main story line is Lindsay protecting Voight.

The episode opens with Voight at Justin’s grave as he remembers his last memory with Justin, his wife and grandson on the baby’s birthday. He also remembers the days leading up to Justin’s death.

cpd-4x01-lindsay-and-crowleyLindsay wakes up from a nightmare of gunshots going off as she remembers hearing them as she drove away from Voight and his son’s killer. Halstead wakes up next to her asking what’s wrong, but she tells him that it’s nothing and jumps out of bed claiming she had to leave. She meets up with Commander Crowley at the silos, where the Commander informs her that the unit was tracked the night Justin was killed and they know that her and Voight were there at the silos while the rest of the unit was across town. Lindsay tells her that the silos are where Voight goes to think a lot and she was there to talk to and console a grieving Voight. Commander Asks her when she’s going to stop protecting Voight and start protecting herself, but Erin just walks away.

Throughout the episode, Voight makes a point to keep eying Lindsay and asking if she’s alright or if there’s anything she needs to talk about. Even though she seems a little conflicted about protecting him, she doesn’t voice her thoughts. They both avoid Commander Crowley’s calls as well.

Voight’s heart gets broken even more when he comes home to learn that his daughter-in-law has decided to move to Arizona with his grandson because of all the painful memories. Poor guy just can’t catch a break.

cpd-4x01-lindsay-and-halsteadLindsay is SUPER stressed with the current case, Voight constantly eying her, and Crowley breathing down her neck. She confides in her boyfriend, Halstead, and he asks her to move in with him after telling her not to go down with Voight. He says, “Cases come and go, bosses come and go, jobs come and go. I don’t want you to come and go.” Awwww! My Linstead shipper heart is happy 🙂

Crowley meets Voight and Lindsay at the scene of a drug dealer arrest. She asks Voight for his gun and to go with them. He cooperates and takes a ride with them to the silos. Crowley tells him to quit messing around and to admit what happened the night him and Lindsay were out there. Voight responds with, “Do you have a kid, Commander? No? If you did, you’d hold him in your arms with the blood coming out of his head from a gunshot wound. We wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

Without responding to Voight, she tells her guys to dig up the area. They do as told, but come up empty-handed. She tells Voight congratulations and he asks if he can go back to work before being handed his gun back and leaving the scene.

Earlier in the episode, sometime before Crowley takes Voight, we are given a scene of Lindsay alone at the silos looking around. The question that a lot of fans are now speculating is whether or not she dug up and moved the body in order to protect Voight.

cpd-4x01-voight-and-lindsayThe episode ends with Voight knocking on Lindsay’s door. When she opens it, there is a short silence before he tells her thank you. She responds with, “You have saved my life. I would have been dead at 15 if you hadn’t taken me in. There’s no doubt in my mind about that, and there never was to saving yours” Voight looks at her for a minute and starts to get tears in his eyes, “You’re all I have left now.” They hug as he cries on her shoulder. I’m pretty sure that is the most emotional we’ve ever seen Voight besides when he lost Justin. It always hits me hard to see a tough guy be so broken and vulnerable.

Normally, I would be opposed to covering up something like what Voight did, but I understand where Lindsay is coming from. I understand her confliction as well. This is a man who saved her and provided her with a new life. He’s practically the only father figure she knows and he’s lost so much. I’d probably feel the same way if my dad were in a similar situation.

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