Chicago P.D. – 3×22 – “Start Digging” Recap

cpd - 3x23 - voight and familyIt’s not often we see Hank Voight get emotionally attached to a case. That is, unless it has to do with his unit or his family. Yes, we’ve seen him take it a tad too far when trying to get answers out of a suspect, but I can’t recall him taking it to extreme. So when Voight’s son, Justin, becomes one of the victims of a crime, you better believe he takes it to the extreme, and justifiably so. In what is probably one of my favorite episodes of the series, the Chicago P.D season three finale does not disappoint as we see Hank Voight do everything in his power to get justice for his son.

The episode kicks off with Erin and Hank celebrating his grandson’s 1st birthday with Justin and his wife. When Hank grabs the baby’s gift, Justin is really moved to realize that it is one of his own old toys. So we know this is going to be an emotional one right off the bat considering we hardly see Justin and his family on the show.

As Voight is making sure Justin’s staying out of trouble, he and Lindsay are called to the latest crime scene. Here, they find the body of 26-year-old Melissa Wilds bound and gagged with barbed wire. This leaves Voight to believe it was some sort of cartel hit.

When Olinsky and Ruzek show up at Wilds’ address, no one is home, but they meet her friend and neighbor, Tricia, who has been babysitting Melissa’s daughter. When they start asking her questions, she says she has no idea where she went, but reveals that Tigan’s dad had died too.

Meanwhile, Voight has a meeting with the higher ranks where they inform him that while they don’t like the extremes he goes to, they’re happy with his results. They offer him a promotion to Lieutenant, but Voight isn’t too keen on the idea. He doesn’t care about the pay raise. He doesn’t want to sit behind the desk. They give him 48 hours to answer.

Back on the case, the unit learns that Melissa was a single, working mother at a pharmaceutical law firm. She had no ties to any criminals. After Mouse searches her records, he learns a shocking detail: She had been talking to Justin every day, and even called him half an hour before she was killed. This is where the story really takes off.

Voight tries to call his son, but it goes straight to voicemail. When he heads home, he learns that Justin was supposed to be home an hour ago. When Voight and Lindsay track the car GPS, they find it abandoned in a parking garage. They pop the trunk and find Justin shot and his wrists tied with barbed wire. He’s still alive, but barely. Voight breaks down as Lindsay calls for an ambulance.

After leaving the hospital, Voight goes to the safe in his basement and fills a bag with $90,000 then heads back to the precinct. He tells his unit to put word out to all of the CI’s that whoever can help figure out who shot Justin will get the cash. He also boldly says that he’s going to do whatever it takes, and if they don’t like it, then take a few days off.

Like I stated above, Voight will do whatever it takes to get justice for his son. So with each lead he doesn’t hold back. When the Commander tells him and his unit to get off the case, he tells her that she’ll have to put a bullet through his head before he does that.

When he finds out that Justin got into a fight over Melissa’s safety with a guy named Ginger a month prior, Intelligence hunts him down. Ginger claims that he had nothing to do with it. After Voight starts torturing him, Ginger gives them information. He tells them that Melissa was sleeping with a guy named Kevin and was giving him information on newly rich clients of her work. Melissa called Justin to help her get out, and Justin was going to meet Kevin to make a deal to pay $5,000 for Kevin to leave her alone.

Justin isn’t getting any better. Goodwin (Chicago Med) informs Voight that he is on life support and that the bullet caused catastrophic damage to the brain. Justin’s wife is okay with taking him off the support, but only if it’s okay with him. Voight leaves the precinct with Goodwin to say goodbye to his son.

After Lindsay realizes that Voight tricked the unit into going to a false lead so that he could take care of Kevin himself, she takes off to the only place she knows he could be at in order to try to stop him from doing anything drastic.

Voight meets some friends down by the river. When they pop their trunk, Kevin is bound and gagged. He pleads with Voight not to kill him. Voight unties him and throws him a shovel. “Start digging.” Kevin starts to dig his own grave.

Lindsay finally reaches Voight down by the river with Kevin. She begs him not to throw his life away. Voight refuses to listen and tells her to get back in the car.

Kevin taunts Voight by talking smack about Justin. Bad move, dude. As we see Lindsay driving away in tears, we hear the gunshot. Then we see Voight walking away from a buried Kevin in the pouring rain.

It was a humdinger of a season finale. I can only imagine what season 4 holds for Voight and the Intelligence Unit.

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