Chicago P.D. – 3×22 – “She’s Got Us” Recap

Chicago P.D. 3x22 - dr charles erin polly

Can you imagine having a quiet night at home, maybe even already asleep, and then suddenly your home is invaded by intruders? Now, imagine those intruders killing every single one of your family members. Finally, imagine yourself being the only little girl of the family to survive that. Sorry for the sort of gruesome picture, but I swear it relates to the latest episode of Chicago P.D. entitled “She’s Got Us” in which this exact scenario happens.

The episode starts with Jay and Erin on late night patrol when a call comes in of reported gunshots by a neighbor. They rush to meet other officers on the scene. When they check the house, they find that the shooter is gone and at least 5 victims that are dead. Suddenly, a little girl crawls out from underneath one of her family members. The shooter had missed her, and now she is the key to figuring out who murdered her family, the Carlson’s.

The problem is that the little girl, Polly, is, of course, in a state of shock and is undoubtedly traumatized by the whole ordeal. Erin chooses to stay at the hospital until the girl wakes up so that she can question her. When Polly finally does wake up she grabbed a knife, cut a nurse, and escaped her room. Erin calms her down, but gets angry when Dr. Charles (Chicago Med) has his nurses sedate the girl again because she needs to question their only witness to the crime.

Ruzek and Atwater dig up some information on the family. Jeni and Darren had four kids, three girls and a boy, and they both work full time. When Voight checks with the coroner, he learns that Darren (the father) was recently severely beaten, but there is no record of him going to the hospital for his injuries.

The team also learns that Jeni and Darren were members of the leadership committee, Horizons. Olinsky knows of the group and calls it a Ponzi scheme. They were in the process of paying back a rather large loan (with a huge interest rate) to the group. The leader of this group informed Antonio and Olinsky that Darren was working off the debt by bringing new members to the group.

When Polly finally wakes back up, Dr. Charles tells Erin that she can talk to her because she says she wants to help. Polly confesses that she saw the man who killed her family, but she has to go to “the house on the lake” so she can remember who it was.

After a few leads fall through, the team finally gets a seemingly solid one. Turns out Jeni took Gerald Dougherty to court over an $800 loan that wasn’t paid back. Gerald is seen at the beginning of the episode with his dad talking to Olinsky about being on neighborhood watch and not seeing what happened… and also how they both know a lot about guns and how to shoot them. When Olinsky and Atwater show up at the Dougherty house, Gerald is gone, but his dad’s gun was found in his room. Atwater and Antonio eventually bring him into custody, but he insists that he wasn’t the one who killed the family because he loved their teenage daughter.

Meanwhile, Jay and Erin have taken Polly to the house on the lake and she talks about the fight that her dad got into there. She says that it was the same man who killed her family. She says he was like 50 and drove a red truck. After some digging, the find Lewis Carroll, and Polly confirms that he was the one who did it. As it turns out, Carroll got booked for burglary and Darren was his accomplice, but Darren didn’t have to go to jail. Eventually, Intelligence gets Carroll and he explains that he couldn’t get a job out of prison so he went to Darren and asked for $20,000 since he owed him. Darren gave a pamphlet for Horizons instead. Needless to say, Lewis Carrol was not happy.

Side stories:  Roman gets bad news about his future as a police officer. Apparently, removing the bullet from his shoulder would be too dangerous. Therefore, he won’t get his motor skills back in that arm. This will force him to be on desk duty rather than patrol. Needless to say, Roman isn’t happy about this news. At the end of the episode he asks Burgess to move to San Diego with him because he loves her.

Also, Jay is on the search for a new apartment. *cough* move in with Erin *cough* 😉

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