Chicago P.D. – 3×21 – “Justice” Recap

Photo from the episode "Justice"
Photo from the episode “Justice”

In the latest episode of Chicago P.D. the creators of the Chicago trilogy (Fire, P.D., & Med) gave us a look at what their latest creation, Chicago Justice, is going to be like. In my honest and personal opinion, I found the episode to be very lackluster with the exception of a few moments, which were primarily P.D. scenes. Again, that’s just my opinion. Let’s talk about it and you can form your own.

The episode starts with Burgess and Roman pulling off to the side of the road and chatting. The conversation gets a little flirty as Burgess leans over and starts playing with his hair (I think). All of a sudden Burgess sees someone coming at them with a gun, and then the person fires the gun, shooting Roman. After calling in the shooting and checking on Roman, Burgess takes off after the gunman. She takes a shot (multiple shots) at the gunman’s back when they are back in her view.

When the alleged gunman, Michael Ellis, (a black teenaged boy) wakes up in the hospital, he swears that Burgess shot the wrong person. He is known as a good kid with no criminal record or any troublesome attributes. To make matters worse, the gun is nowhere to be found.

And so begins a trial that has the potential to tear the city apart.

This is also where the Chicago Justice team shows up. Peter Stone, the ASA who coincidentally is the one who sent Voight to prison a long time ago, has the pressure of State Attorney Mark Jefferies, Voight, and the entire city on him. But he’s determined to win this case and prove that Burgess shot the right guy.

Eventually, Severide and his crew (Chicago Fire) manage to find the gun in the water beside where the incident initially took place. They find a photo on Ellis’ recently deleted Instagram account of him holding the same gun, as well as a statement from a friend of his who said he went on a rant about the police and how they aren’t doing anything. So, everything is looking to favor Burgess… Until defense attorney, Shambala Green, shows video and photo evidence of Burgess and Roman getting close in the patrol car moments before Roman is shot. The D.A., of course, questions Burgess about how long she has been sleeping with her partner. Team Burgess takes a hit.

Side Note: The look on Ruzek’s face when he learns this information about his ex-fiancée whom he still obviously loves punches all of us Bruzek fans right in the feels.

However, Stone soon discovers his winning information: Ellis’ motive. Turns out that his mom’s boyfriend (I think. Correct me if I’m wrong), someone that Ellis was really close to, was arrested by a racist cop and had just recently died in prison after committing suicide. With this new information, a plea deal is offered in order to avoid an even more controversial trial. Stone leaves the decision up to Burgess and Roman. While she is against the deal, Roman leaves it at this, “We’re all sleeping in our own beds tonight. Let the city sleep too.” And with that, the case is solved.

Like I said before, it was a rather boring episode in my opinion with all of the main focus being in court. I found myself missing not only the CPD squad, but the action and intensity of their usual episodes. I’m personally not into court shows, which is why I most likely will not tune in to Chicago Justice unless there’s a big crossover event.

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