Chicago P.D. – 3×20 – “In a Duffel Bag” Recap

Chicago P.D. - 3x20 - voight
Photo from the episode “In a Duffel Bag”

What would you do if you found a baby presumably frozen to death in a duffel bag on your morning walk? Your heart would probably shatter as anger washed over your body in wanting to capture whomever did such a cruel act. That’s exactly how Voight felt when he unzipped the abandoned bag after being called to the scene. So, he did what he does best, called on his team and solved the case, which surprisingly has a pretty happy ending.

Since the baby girl’s body wasn’t warm, she was taken to the hospital where surprisingly she is still being worked on because Natalie (Chicago Med) said a body has to be warm to be dead. While the 2-week-old girl was fighting her way back, some tests were run, which led the Intelligence Unit to their first clue, and ultimately their first suspect. Turns out, the baby had a certain disease. Intelligence dug a little further and found a guy who was in town for a doctor visit around the same time the baby was assumed to be left. The guy swore that he had no idea about a baby. After a DNA test was ran, the results come back that he is the father (is it wrong that I wanted to say this in a Maury voice? Haha). So it didn’t look good for this guy, but he still swore up and down he had no idea and gave Voight all the information he could remember about a one night hook up with a girl he thought was of age while he was in town ten months ago.

There comes in the next suspect, the baby’s mother. Coincidentally, she had just turned 18 and was out of the country according to her parents. The parents (the mom mostly), however, claimed that the guy was lying and that their daughter had nothing to do with what happened… or even that their daughter had a baby. However, the father caught up with Erin and Jay outside as they were leaving and confessed that his daughter did, indeed, have a baby, but gave her to the midwife as soon as she was born in order for her to give the baby to another family because they are very conservative with their faith.

The midwife gave a story about how the grandmother of the baby paid her $20,000 to take the baby and give it to another family. She wasn’t going to do it at first, but she was blackmailed because she is not a legal U.S. citizen. So the midwife found the baby a family and gave her to them. However, when the family (even their 6-year-old son) claimed they never received the baby, Intelligence went back to the midwife, and after finding baby stuff in her apartment, booked her even though she promised that she didn’t, and would never, do something like that.

But then Ruzek learns that the father in that family previously worked for the company that the duffel bag the baby was found in came from. However, when the team went back to the family’s house to bring him in, the whole family was gone. They were later found at a gas station and taken in as the dad confessed to being the one to leave the baby there. In questioning, the parents gave a story about how the dad was really drunk, him and his wife fought, their son wanted to see the Lunar Eclipse, and the dad took him and baby girl outside at 1:30 in the morning after the mom went to bed, he passed out, and when they woke up the next morning the son couldn’t wake the baby. They were scared and didn’t know what to do so the dad took the baby to the park.

This was the story that Intelligence believed until Ruzek was talking to the 6-year-old son and he said he didn’t mean to hurt the baby and said that he was the one to take her out there by himself so that she could see the Eclipse. When they questioned the dad again, he was still adamant that he was the one who did it until Voight told him that their son wouldn’t be charged because it was clearly an accident. As for why they didn’t take the baby to the hospital, they were scared and panicked in wanting to protect their son.

Now, here’s the happy ending. The baby’s heart began beating on its own and the birth mom decided she wanted to keep her (the only reason she gave her up to begin with was because her parents said they would disown her if she didn’t). The mother of the birth mom got arrested along with the midwife. And the family presumably got to go home together.

A few side stories:

Voight opened up to Lindsay and confessed that his son was actually a twin but was stillborn.

Also, Roman and Burgess ended the episode in the bed together (for the first time I’m assuming). Just going to say that I’m not a fan of this couple because I’m still rooting for Ruzek and Burgess. 😉

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