Chicago P.D. – 3×17 – “Forty-Caliber Bread Crumb”

In a very Jay Halstead-centric episode of Chicago P.D., we see the pitfalls of his side-job in being security for a pot shop. I’m not talking about a drug bust or anything like that, but rather a burglary that turns into a murder case. When Halstead’s friend and partner gets killed, it hits him hard, and we see a side of him we haven’t really seen thus far in the series. We’ve seen his professional side, his protective side, and even his loving side with Lindsay. Now, it’s time to see his angry vengeful side. In Jesse Lee Soffer’s most emotional episode yet, we see Jay Halstead deal with the death of a friend (a fellow former military member at that), and witness an emotional break down that seems to have been bottled up for a while, stemming from his military past.

The episode starts with Jay having a catered lunch at his new side job, when his partner comes in with his pregnant wife, and excitedly tells him that he’s having a baby boy. After congratulations are made, Jay says that he has to steal Terry away for a bank run. The owner hands the key over to Jay, and offers him a dinner date later that evening suggesting that it is just dinner between coworkers. I’ve seen those moves before though, and she just needs to back up because he’s spoken for with Erin Lindsay. 😉

cpd - 3x17 - halstead terryOn their way to the bank to deposit $260k, they get stopped under a bridge overpass because a car is randomly stopped in the middle of the road. They wonder what’s going on, and seconds later a car drops from the top of the bridge (directly in front of the stopped car) and explodes. Jay yells at their driver to reverse, and he tries to do so, but a truck comes out of nowhere and prevents them from reversing any further. It doesn’t take long for a shootout to happen between the burglars and Halstead and Terry. Terry ends up getting shot and dying in the hospital from a hemorrhaging complication, leaving Halstead ready to make the shooter pay for gunning down his friend.

Voight is reluctant to let Halstead stay on the case, but it’s ultimately the best option considering he saw the killer, so he lets him stay on. When Voight and Lindsay bring the owner of the shop into questioning, she admits to previously receiving threats from gang members who are upset that her shop is cutting into their own selling. After following a number of leads that led to dead ends, the Intelligence unit learns that a private investigator placed bugs in the shop’s office for the owner’s ex-husband, learned of the regular bank deposits, and set the robbery up by selling the information to a gang who promised him some of the profit. The unit has the PI meet with the one who promised him money, which turned into the guy stuffing the PI in his trunk and trying to get away, but Intelligence caught him.cpd - 3x17 - halstead olinsky

Even though this guy was unwilling to give up the names of the robbers, he still led Intelligence to them, including the guy who shot Terry. He tries to make a run for it by jumping out of the second story window, but Halstead is right on his tail. They eventually wound up in a warehouse down the block and tussled for a bit before Jay finally got the upper hand, and had the chance to kill the guy himself just as Olinsky walked in, but he walked away instead. That scene really showed that Halstead has great control over his personal anger and vendetta to get justice for his late friend.

After realizing that the danger of the side job isn’t worth the extra cash, Jay quits. He also turns down the owner’s dinner date again, stating that he has someone waiting for him *cough* Erin Lindsay *cough*. We then see Halstead, Mouse, and Dr. Choi (from Chicago Med) talking over beers about their time serving in the military. It is clear the conversation and the recent case hit close to home for Jay, and possibly reminded him of something that happened while he was serving.

To round out the episode, we see Halstead (dressed in his military uniform) and Lindsay attending the funeral of Terry, both visibly upset. We end with Jay visiting Voight, thanking him for letting him stay on the case and Voight insisting that Jay take some vacation time after saying he’s lucky to have Jay on his unit. Halstead leaves and stops at the bathroom where he finally ends up breaking down in tears after telling everyone he’s fine all day.cpd - 3x17 - halstead crying 2

Props to Jesse Lee Soffer for doing an excellent acting job in this emotional episode.

Side Notes:

  • Ruzek got called out by Olinsky who told him to basically get his head in the game and not focus on his break up with Burgess after getting suspicious of her partnership with Roman.
  • Lindsay showed no signs of jealousy when she witnessed the pot-shop owner trying to make advances towards Jay, which was nice to see that she was confident in her relationship with him.

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