Chicago Fire 3×15, “Headlong Towards Disaster”

Apologies for the gaps in coverage recently, but sometimes, real life can be a bitch and get in the way. I had a lot of opinions on last week’s episode, but unfortunately not enough time to organize them into a recap. This week, however, I’m armed and ready with the keyboard and an endless supply of GIF’s. Shall we?

First off, we need to talk about episode 3×14. The most important thing to take from the episode is this:

Broken-up Dawsey are the new Fairy Odd Parents.

And they’re getting worse, thanks to Severide.

We WERE all Severide in this scene, until “Sev” ruined it by suggesting his bestie “put [him]self back on the market.” WHAT THE HELL, KELLY?!?

Long story short, Casey ends the episode by hooking up with some random chick that is NOT Gabby. DAMMIT, CASEY, THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Unfortunately, the episode came to a heartbreaking end when Papa Boden passed away- which brings us to:

Who’s the new guy?

Chief Pridgen sure does look familiar. Any Gladiators out there recognize him?

Yup. Cyrus’ sex slave is now Firehouse 51’s new Chief. Even better?

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.30.27 PM

Yup. Cyrus’ sex slave has a wife, who is none other than the random chick Casey banged. Sorry, Matt, but this serves you right. We all know you only stuck it in her cause you were bored, you wanted to get over Gabby and cause Severide told you to. This may not have been your smartest moment. But more about that later.

Pridgen is not the only new face at 51- though I’m not sure Squad’s replacement counts as a new face. It’s a face, alright, but one we’d rather bash in than welcome with open arms.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.24.30 PM

Ugh. This should be good.

Pridgen is a dick- there is no eloquent way to say it. Shall I make a list of his awfulness?

Casey, Dawson AND Severide all go to Pridgen to make their case about why Welch shouldn’t be at 51. Pridgen shuts them down without hesitation. Welch only works with Severide, but Severide has no direct problem with him.

1. Otis bites it during a call at a bowling alley and Pridgen nicknames him “Gutterball.” He then proceeds to beat a dead horse and refuses to let the seriously unfunny nickname go. It gets so bad that Otis- our sweet little Otis- gets really angry and confrontational. The whole thing is just painful as Pridgen doesn’t know when to quit while Otis gets increasingly angry over a simple nickname.

2. Pridge legit bribes Severide to provide intel on Casey. First off, you picked the absolute WRONG person for that job, and second, really? Bribery? This scene confused me as up until this point, Casey had made one snark comment, but had not yet been outright insubordinate to his new Chief. Severide, however, had ignored a direct order for which he was commended later. Severide thankfully puts Chief in his place and tells him that being a sneaky Mean Girl is not how they roll at 51, but the whole scene is odd as I’m still not quite sure why Pridgen want to snoop on Casey.

… okay, so the list is only two items, but you can only fit so many antics into a one-hour show! Just trust me, Pridgen is really effing bad. If you don’t believe me, feel free to search his name on Twitter. Hopefully, Boden comes back soon, because I can only handle so many new people causing trouble at 51.

Who are you and what have you done to Matt Casey?!

Playful Casey is back, and it’s the worst. The show opens with him waking up in random chick’s bed and being rather proud of himself for (a) having done so and (b) knowing so little about his new- err- friend. What he does know is that boink buddy’s name is Crystal. No, Gwen! No, Beth. It’s Beth, and I hate her. She’s not Gabby, and she’s bringing out a really obnoxious side of Matt. It’s as plain as that.

Casey continues to be proud of himself for banging a random chick- for which Severide is so proud- until Beth shows up at the Firehouse. Beth’s soon-to-be ex-husband? Yeah, it’s Pridgen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.29.04 PM

Kelly’s face is all of us.

Though, I was more on Team Point-and-Laugh. TELL ME THAT CASEY DID NOT HAVE THIS COMING?! He so had this coming; Casey never gets lucky with bad decisions. I feel zero sympathy.

Kelly and Casey decide that Casey should end things with Beth for safety’s sake. Casey instead goes to Beth’s house and bangs her one last time.

Why do you hate us, Casey? We just want what’s best for you!

After doing the walk of shame back to his own apartment, Kelly finally comes to his senses and tells his BFF to pull himself together.

“You know you’re in trouble when even Kelly Severide thinks you’re acting recklessly.”

That line from Matt would be so funny- IF IT WASN’T TRUE.

Matt eventually comes to his senses and breaks it off, but not before Beth plants one last kiss in plain view of Welch. Spoiler alert? It doesn’t end well for our favorite Lieutenant.

“Tommy Welch is in MY firehouse?”

Thankfully, this was not a Welch-heavy episode, as my tolerance for assholes can only be so high. This episode, in my opinion, had just the right amount of the former Lieutenant. He caused problems, but accomplished it in two scenes as opposed to every single frame of the show (looking at you, Pridgen). So- what exactly did he do?

After antagonizing Dawson about her relationship with Casey, he later apologizes for not believing her after seeing Casey and Beth kiss. Since he can’t just leave well enough alone, however, he suggests that she advise her ex that sleeping with the Chief’s ex-wife might not be the best idea.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.34.50 PM

That asshole knew exactly what he was doing.

Oh, and did I mention that Casey witnessed the whole thing? Because he did.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.34.14 PM


Other Stuff-

Boden is on leave following his father’s death, but is still getting updates on Firehouse 51 via Hermann. Baby Boden is adorable, but I think we all knew that.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.35.59 PM

There was ONE sweet Dawsey scene where Dawson asked Casey to fix her sink. Matt accidentally sprayed himself with water and we got a quick, blink-and-you-miss-it return to the flirty, fun, adorable Dawsey of seasons past.

Other than that, Sylvie starts to bond with the girl she saved in last week’s episode, and can we please take a minute to appreciate Taylor Kinney’s absolutely beautiful blue eyes?

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.47.45 PM

I mean, dang.

Episode 3×15 was quite different from other episodes of Chicago Fire in that it was rather confrontational. The entire episode was riddled with conflict: Pridgen, Welch, Casey, Dawson, Otis and even Sylvie. The list is uncharacteristically endless. It looks like as long as Boden is away (and Casey and Dawson are apart), things are going to remain uncomfortable and tense at Firehouse 51.

What did you think about this week’s Chicago Fire? How awful is Pridgen? And HOW AWFUL ARE DAWSEY broken up like this? Let me know I’m not alone here, people! Drop me comments or tweet me @GinaWatchesTV and we shall discuss this next week!

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