The Good Wife Cary Agos in Hail Mary

The Good Wife, “Hail Mary” and “The Debate” Reviews

It’s hard for me to separate “Hail Mary” from “The Debate” at this point. The former had moments of charm, of course: it’s hard not to love The Wire alum Domenick Lombardozzi as a brash prison consultant telling Cary how to defend himself when he’s locked up.

Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down […]

cary and kalinda in the good wife

The Good Wife, “The Trial” Review

That’s where The Good Wife leaves us until January 2015: “Yes, your honor, I would like to plead guilty.” “The Trial” had side stories (more on those below), but its interest was squarely focused on Cary’s trial, all the players and complications involved in bringing his case to court. Geneva Pine’s soapy love life, Judge […]

The Good Wife, “Sticky Content” Review

  A bunch of things happened in “Sticky Content,” the ninth episode of The Good Wife this season. Diane wore a fantastic gold statement necklace. Cary was confronted with a wiretap that had Lemond Bishop declaring a hit on him, and saw his death everywhere: in the dark corridors of his apartment, in a Chicago […]

the good wife alicia and louis canning in the episode red zone

The Good Wife, “Red Zone” Review

Image is a tricky thing. Does it exist in a vacuum, whatever we think we are fueling what our image is? Or is it created by those around us, by friends and family and maybe the press, who turn us into something we might not be? The Good Wife tackled image this week through all […]

alicia and elsbeth in the good wife

The Good Wife, “Old Spice” Review

So I would spend this whole review discussing that “Call Me Maybe” scene, but more generally, “Old Spice” was The Good Wife’s pitch to have an Elsbeth spin-off. It was the Elsbeth Tascioni Power Hour this week.

alicia and taye diggs on the good wife

The Good Wife, “Shiny Objects” Review

I want to begin where “Shiny Objects” ended: on that new, iconic shot of Alicia, confident in red, standing in front of a podium and announcing her campaign to run as State’s Attorney, Peter behind her on stage. It was contrasted from the image from the Pilot, with Alicia (and her horrid bangs) timidly standing behind […]

kalends from the good wife

The Good Wife, “Oppo Research” Review

Let’s talk about Kalinda. There is plenty of other stuff that happened in the episode: Alicia finally went all-in on running for State’s Attorney, with Eli’s presentation of her opposition research drudging up all her family’s old (and new) secrets; a surprising lack of Cary Agos; Lemond Bishop, Super PAC leader; Grace’s church choir; Finn […]

alicia and dean in the good wife

The Good Wife, “Dear God” Review

The Good Wife loves its unreliable narrators. Last season’s memorable “The Decision Tree” and many other episodes played with memory: the way it distorts in our minds after we’ve lived with it for a while, the way it is colored and shaped by who we’ve become after that memory. Unreliable narrators, it could be said, […]

alicia and finn

The Good Wife, “The Line”

Season five of The Good Wife was all about change, expectations subverted like only the Kings can. It was a surprising season of broadcast television, not only from Josh Charles’ exit (Will Gardner, you’ll live on forever through our GIFs), but from the ways the show evolved the characters out of that exit. Alicia, who […]