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Amy’s Cancellation Woes

There is nothing worse than losing your shows, whether the series is coming to an end or the network decided to cancel the show. Around May, TV lovers worry which shows will stay, get the boot, or coming to end with one final season. I could be wrong, but I don’t think anyone is losing […]

Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down […]

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Scandal 407 “Baby Made a Mess” Recap

Hi gladiators! I’m back for another recap of Scandal. Episode 407 was AMAZING! It was the best so far this season. It even had fans that stopped watching the show, talking about how great it was. There were parts that had me near tears and at others that had me draining my wine glass.  This […]

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Scandal 406 “An Innocent Man” Recap

“Um, what happened to your recap last week?” That’s the text that I so loving received from one of my Scandal BFFs. What had happened was… Sometimes life gets in the way. I went on a brief vacation to recharge my batteries and just wasn’t able to recap episode 405 “The Key”. Also that episode […]

Scandal “Like Father, Like Daughter” Recap

Scandal. Is. Back. Thursday night’s episode of Scandal “Like Father, Like Daughter” was so good. It truly was appointment television. It had everything a gladiator could ask for;  Jake almost dying, a case of the week, Olitz and amazing monologues. I’m ready to talk all about it. So lets get started. This might be along […]

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Scandal ” Inside the Bubble” Review

Hi gladiators! Thank you so much for reading my inaugural recap, commenting and sending me feedback. I really appreciate it! Speaking of feedback, @gilvan2416 on twitter asked me why I didn’t mention Fitz’s gun control speech in my previous recap. Looking back on it I missed the perfect opportunity to gush about my favorite pretend […]

Scandal “State of the Union” Review

Hi! I’m new to Really Late Reviews but I’m not new to Scandal. Allow me to introduce myself:  I’m what we like to call in the fandom an O.G.  that’s an original gladiator. If you don’t know what a gladiator is, here’s Harrison Wright (R.I.P) with a brief explanation: I’ve been obsessed with Scandal since […]

Scandal Recap: “It’s Handled” – But Is It Though?

The storm is here! In case you missed it, Scandal is back. Last Thursday’s big premiere was a force to be reckoned with and Shondaland spared fans no mercy, throwing us onto an emotionally startling and mind blowing roller coaster ride. Only one problem: none of us were buckled in properly. “It’s Handled” was everything […]

Scandal Roundup: Everything You Need to Know For Season 3

It’s October 3rd, which only means one thing: Scandal is back! After four long months of anxiously waiting in anticipation, we will finally be reunited with our favorite TV Fixer and her gaggle of friends and frenemies in Washington D.C. Over the course of the summer, I have been recapping the entire series in order […]

Scandal Recap: “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” and “Boom Goes the Dynamite”

The third season of Scandal premieres on October 3rd. In case you’re just jumping on the bandwagon for ABC’s hottest political thriller, we thought we would recap every single episode of the show to prepare you for the upcoming season! Whisky Tango Foxtrot “Whisky Tango Foxtrot” picks up ten months from when Fitz was clued […]