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TV Rewatch: “Roswell” Pilot

Aaaah, Roswell, or as it was known in the late 90s and early 2000s: That other WB show that was not Dawson’s Creek. I was twelve years old when Roswell first premiered in 1999. Aside from a love for Justin Timberlake that knows no bounds, the only other thing that 1999 Gina and 2014 Gina […]

ATX TV Festival 2014 Roswell Reunion Panel

ATX TV Festival 2014: A Television Experience

Do you ever watch a show and become so passionate about it that when you talk about it with someone else, like your friend or family member, then possibly become completely disappointed because perhaps they don’t feel the same way you do? Or worse they don’t even like the show? Or maybe they have that […]