“Partners” Review: Temporary Insanity

Photos Credit: Tumblr After watching this episode my first thought was, ‘If I had a gay best friend in my life it would be Louis.’ At first he annoyed me, but as the episodes passed on, he’s grown on me. He has become more fun, with a good sense of humor (How funny was his […]

“Partners” Review: 2 Broke Guys

Photo Credit: Official Partners website at CBS.com After a few weeks off the air, I’m so glad Partners is back on my TV! YAY! The show started off with a great Superman reference when Louis bought a new pair of glasses and wanted his boyfriend Wyatt (Brandon Routh) to try them on. Wyatt doesn’t like […]

Partners: “The Key”

Photo Credit: Official Partners website at CBS.com Change is when something happens that takes us out of our comfort zone. We all hate it but it always happens, either it’s for the best of for the worse and that’s exactly what happened on Monday night’s episode. A good change happened for the happy newly engaged […]

Is “Partners” The New “Will & Grace?”

Written by Amy Martinez A few years ago I was flipping though channels hoping to find something good on TV. I came across a comedy sitcom about a gay lawyer named Will living with his best friend, Grace, living their normal life with their other gay friend, Jack, and Grace’s alcoholic- pill popping- rich co-worker, […]