ABC Nashville Nobody Knows But Me Juliette Barnes

Nashville Recap: The unexpected journey and bad news

During the “Nobody Knows but Me” episode, Juliette was overwhelmed with the baby and eager to get back to work. Two things that do not make a great combination, well at least for Juliette. With Avery constantly working on his up coming and successful band with Gunnar and Scarlett, Juliette struggles to take care of […]

Nashville I Can't Keep Away From You Deacon Claybourne Rayna Jaymes

Nashville Recap: Rayna and Deacon’s Choice

It’s been a while since I wrote a Nashville recap but I can explain. Not only has life and school been keeping me really busy lately, but some of the Nashville episodes felt like they weren’t good enough for me to talk about. However since a few episodes have passed since my last recap, I […]

Nashville Somebody Pick Up My Piece Rayna Jaymes Bucky

‘Nashville’ Recap: “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces”

Following the news of Jeff being fired, Edgehill is no longer in business. The company has decided to close down the recording label for good, which means all Edgehill artists are free from their contracts and any of their finished recorded masters are up for purchase. This is very good news for Rayna and her […]

Nashville I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong Rayna Jaymes

‘Nashville’ Recap: “I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong”

Last week, Nashville ended with Jeff threatening Teddy to reveal his relationship with the prostitute if Teddy didn’t sign a recording contract for Maddie as recording artist at EdgeHill. This week we see the outcome of that situation. Rayna found out about the news when she received a gift that was for Maddie at her […]

Nashville I've Got Reasons to Hate You Deacon Claybourne Beverly O'Connor Scarlett O'Connor

ABC’s Nashville “I’ve Got Reasons to Hate You” Recap: Family Matters

Towards the end of last week ABC’s Nashville episode, Scarlett called her mother, Beverly. On this past week’s episode, we find out why we called her and my prediction was right. Scarlett had called her mother for a “visit”. When in reality Scarlett wanted Beverly to take the test to find out if she was […]

Nashville I’m Not That Good at Goodbye Juliette Barnes Avery Barkley

‘Nashville’ Recap: “I’m Not That Good at Goodbye”

Nashville is back y’all! This week’s episode picks up right after we left off before the winter break. Rayna called off her wedding with Luke, Deacon received more news from his doctor, Gunnar’s life changes as Micah’s custody gets settled, and Juliette and Avery experiences life as a married couple. So let’s get to it! […]

Nashville First to Have a Second Chance Rayna Jaymes

Nashville Mid-Season Recap: First to Have a Second Chance

                                      If you really thought Rayna would actually go through with it and marry Luke, you’re out of your mind. In the beginning, Rayna’s facial expressions looked like she knew she was making a mistake by saying […]

Nashville You’re Lookin’ at Country Juliette Barnes Emily

Nashville “Two Sides to Every Story” Recap: Juliette Stalks Avery

This week’s Nashville had one of it’s funniest storylines out of it’s three seasons. I’m referring to Juliette stalking Avery out of jealously. It was not only hilarious because of how accurate the writers got it or Hayden Panettiere mastered the role, but because it was just down right funny. Girls tend to get crazy […]

Nashville You're Lookin' At Country Luke Wheeler Rayna Jaymes

Nashville Recap: You’re Lookin’ at Country

CMAs is the biggest award show in country music and ABC’s Nashville has included CMAs into show once again, except not everyone is enjoying the show, or even there. This episode gave the viewers a small insight of how the CMAs show runs with a touch of Nashville’s drama. This episode was good, but not […]

Nashville I’m Coming Home to You Rayna Jaymes Luke Wheeler Maddie Conrad Colt Wheeler

Nashville “I’m Coming Home to You” Recap: Dump and Bail

The show jumps two months later and a lot has happened during Nashville’s one-week hiatus. Luke is back from a world tour, Juliette is very pregnant and figuring out how this pregnancy is suppose to work with Avery, Layla found her voice during her miserable days being married to Will, Deacon is sick, and Scarlett […]