Carrie Lane

Hear Singer Carrie Lane’s New Single “Found You”

Singer-songwriter Carrie Lane’s freshman album doesn’t come out until later in the year but you can hear her debut single now. If you’ve never heard of Lane, or seen a picture of her, you would think she was anyone. Her vocals are reminiscent of Taylor Swift, her looks reminds me of Amanda Seyfried, and her […]

ABC Nashville

With A Little Bit of Twang: Nashville Music

Originally after seeing episode 13: “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right,” I wanted to talk all about Juliette and nothing else. However, after seeing episode 14: “Too Far Gone,” I thought I’d save what I wanted to say about Juliette for another time and do a music session post. Within these two episodes, the […]

CMA Awards George Strait

The 47th Annual CMAs Wrap Up

The Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood return together as co-host for the 6th year in a row with their hilarious jokes, Paisley’s guitar, and their great co-host chemistry. After all, that is what keeps getting them the gig year after year. Paisley and Underwood always tackle on the serious and sometimes heavy topics that […]

CMAs Brad Paisley Carrie Underwood

The 47th Annual CMA Nominations

It’s that time of year for country music lovers, the Country Music Association Awards! On Tuesday, September 10th country artists Florida Georgia Line and Sheryl Crow announced the nominations on Good Morning America. The usual fan favorites and most successful country artists have made the nomination lists, but once again I’m bothered with a few […]

Dame Preventions of Heartbreak

Dame’s EP: “Preventions of Heartbreak”

Since 2010 I’ve known who Michelle Armstrong is and listened to some of her tunes on YouTube, instantly knowing she’s got a stellar voice. Next thing I know, I’m following her on twitter for all the latest details with her music and chatting with her every now and then. In 2012 I had the chance […]


The Civil Wars Album Review: Filled with inner turmoil and loneliness, The Civil Wars created a masterpiece

The Civil Wars’ latest album (last album?) is very appropriately titled “The Civil Wars.” I’d be remiss to not mention the civil war between band members John Paul White and Joy Williams, both of whom have not talked to each other since they abruptly cancelled their tour last fall. According to both Williams and producer […]


Cable Car Ride EP music review

Recently, a PR firm from LA gave Really Late Reviews  (courtesy our brilliant editor, Jordan Hickman!) the opportunity to listen to up-and-coming bands, and provide our feedback on their music. I volunteered to help in the reviews as I am always looking to broaden my musical tastes beyond the same 90s/pop/oldies songs blasting through my […]


Bastille -Haunt EP Review

  (photo credit: Bastille Band) Haunt EP – Bastille With the recently dropped Haunt EP, the South-London boys of Bastille have lit a fuse that could lead to an explosion of Coldplay-esque proportions. Apparently, Bastille is jumping out of every Tube commuter’s ear buds as they suffer thorough the tropical summer heat that is melting […]

Fauntella Crow 2

With Strong Vocals and Haunting Melodies, Fauntella Crow Sets The Bar

Right out of the gate you can tell that Fauntella Crow is not just another sleepy folk duo. Comprised of violinist Jessy Green and the piano stylings of Sunday Lane, Fauntella Crow has a strong, rich sound and make beautiful music together. These two women have wonderful rich voices which complement each other nicely, with […]


Here’s a New Song From The Civil Wars

Back in November, The Civil Wars abruptly cancelled all tour dates for the foreseeable future. Citing “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambitions,” we all thought the duo were finished. By the way — the irony in a band called The Civil Wars having “internal discord” is spot on perfect, however horrible the situation. Having […]