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Heroes Review: “The Hard Part,” “Landslide” and “How to Stop an Exploding Man”

It’s the final three episodes of the first season and episodes 21 and 22 hint how big, troubling and how close the heroes are towards the bombing in New York City is, to a point where it all became too much for me to handle as a viewer hoping and believing it lives up to […]

“Heroes” Recap: “.07%” and “Five Years Gone”

Coming towards the end of the season, Heroes has me in a crazy limbo, to a point where I get totally bored with it then after few episodes it gets really good, then goes back to boredom, and repeats. Why couldn’t the show just have really good, intense episodes all the time? I would have […]

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Heroes Review: “Company Man” and “Parasite”

There’s no need for a good length introduction for this review other than: I FINALLY GET SOME ANSWERS!!! Episode 17: Company Man It all makes sense now, why Noah was protecting Clare, because the “paper company” he works for kills the heroes as well, and he loves and cares about her enough to risk his […]

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Heroes Review: “Run!” and “Unexpected”

After last week’s shocking plot twist of Clare’s birth father, these two episodes of Heroes aren’t exactly as exciting as I expected, yet still encouraging enough to continue watching. Episode 15: Run! Mohinder + Sylar Mohinder finally gets a hero, Zane, to finally respond to his research, but as fate would have it, Sylar beats […]

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Heroes Review: “The Fix” and “Distractions”

It’s already half way through the season, and it’s getting better, plus my emotional attachment to this show is increasing, and my feels are feeling. I just want to give y’all a brief recap and then rave with outburst about a shocking plot twist, or question about a certain storyline and where it might be […]

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Heroes Review: “Homecoming” and “Six Months Ago”

I enjoyed this week’s episode but both for different reasons. Between these two episodes, nine was great because it was finally the moment I was waiting for, saving the cheerleader, but ten was finally showing and explaining when the heroes first experienced their powers. Episode 9: Homecoming Although it’s Clare’s homecoming, the episode focuses a […]

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Heroes Review: “Nothing to Hide” and “Seven Minutes to Midnight”

Each episode is getting more superior; the pieces are slowly completing the puzzle, and get more information. It’s all too much to summarize into short paragraphs within two episodes at a decent number count, especially when I just question everything. Episode 7: Nothing to Hide The title speaks for itself on this episode summary. The […]

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Heroes Review: “Hiros” and “Better Halves”

After watching six episodes, slowly the pieces are coming together, my questions are being answered and my confusion is starting to make sense but as well more questions arise as the pieces fall into place. Episode 5: Hiros This episode is all about the cheerleader, Clare. It continues where it left off from the previous […]

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Heroes Review: “One Giant Leap” and “Collision”

Let me explain how I’m doing these reviews. I watch two episodes at a time, and then write the review, and in between, it’s killing me knowing I can’t watch all of the episodes in a row, ha. I’m now only four episodes in, and I think I’ve found my new Netflix obsession, which makes […]