Our Favorite TV Shows in 2014

This year most of our contributors sent in a top ten list of their favorite TV shows of 2014. We got a wide array of programming, and due to the way the point system worked out, a show that someone picked as their number one favorite beat out several shows multiple people included further down […]

Enlisted Army Men Pete Hill Jill Perez Randy Hill

“Enlisted” Recap and Quotes: Army Men

Since the post hasn’t had any accidents in the past three months, Cody has decided to give them a free three-day weekend. Some of the platoon troops decide to go possum bow-hunting and go to a cheap spa resort, except they help Derrick look good in front of his girlfriend by fixing things around her house […]

ATX TV Festival 2014 Roswell Reunion Panel

ATX TV Festival 2014: A Television Experience

Do you ever watch a show and become so passionate about it that when you talk about it with someone else, like your friend or family member, then possibly become completely disappointed because perhaps they don’t feel the same way you do? Or worse they don’t even like the show? Or maybe they have that […]

Enlisted The General Inspection

“Enlisted” Recap and Quotes: “The General Inspection”

Remember the melted General Murray trophy in the “Randy Get Your Gun” episode in the beginning of the season? Did anyone else wonder exactly how General Murray looked like? Well, if you did, we finally got to see who General Murray is in this week’s episode. Cody gets a call from his red General Murray […]

Enlisted Prank War Randy Hill Pete Hill Derrick Hill

“Enlisted” Recap and Quotes: “Prank War”

It’s been WEEKS since FOX aired a new episode of Enlisted, and after watching this week’s episode, it only made me realize how much I’ve missed and still love the show, which only gave me more hatred towards FOX for cancelling this show. Enlisted returns with a bang, as the episode is all about pranks […]

Cancellation Talk: What got cut, what should have gone, and what should be saved.

Things get intense around May when TV networks begin to announce which returning shows get picked up for another season, and which first timers get a second chance at another season or get the cut. Sometimes the networks make the right call, but mostly they make the wrong choice on cutting several shows. I want […]

Fox's Enlisted Parker Young and Geoff Stults

Cancellation Talk: FOX lets go of Enlisted!

There’s one season every fandom hates, cancellation season. Fan bases tend to get worried around May when networks announce which shows made the cut and which ones get the boot. There’s quite a handful of shows that got cancelled, but there’s only one that truly got me upset, shocked, and in disbelief. FOX cancelled my […]

Enlisted Paint Cart 5000 vs. the Mondo Spider Pete Hill Jill Perez Randy Hill

“Enlisted” Recap: “Paint Cart 5000 vs. the Mondo Spider”

In this episode it’s all about a golf cart versus a robot. That’s right, in this Enlisted episode, the show brought out the big toys. Literally. Ross Phillips guest stars as Lieutenant Schneeberger a military technology expert and he’s looking for a platoon group to help test the latest invention, the Mondo Spider robot.  Lt. […]

Enlisted Parade Duty Private Robinson Specialist Chubowski Private Gumble Private Park Private Dobkiss

Enlisted Recap: “Parade Duty” and “Vets”

“Parade Duty” It’s that time of year where the Seacord Town Parade takes place and the Rear D soldiers are part of it. Jill and her platoon are in the parade marching while Pete and his guys are stuck on clean up duty or as Derrick and Randy prefer, “Doody Duty.” The Pete’s platoon is […]

“Enlisted” Quotes: Brothers and Sister

In the midst of Derrick trying to find his game without Randy, Jill helping Pete break up with an ex-girlfriend, and Cody having his American Idol moment, there was hilarious lines and priceless scenes. Here are this week’s Enlisted quotes. Derrick: Hey, who buys picked eggs these days? Is it the theater crowd looking for, […]