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MTV Awkward

MTV Awkward. Season Four Trailer

In a BuzzFeed interview (click here to read it) we learned the new show runners for MTV Awkward are planning on keeping the same vibe of the show and aren’t…

MTV Awkward. Who I Want to Be Mr. Hart

“Awkward.” Season Finale Recap: Who I Want to Be

It’s prom night on Awkward and none of that mattered; not Matty taking Bailey to prom, Sadie finally experience true love, Ming worried about losing her virginity, or Jake surprising…

MTV Awkward Karmic Relief Jenna Hamilton Matty McKibben Bailey Parker

Awkward. Recap: “Karmic Relief”

In this one-hour episode, four main things happen: Jenna helps Val get her job back. Ming gets fired as the Asian Mafia Leader. Tamara is on full prom mode, making…

MTV Awkward. Old Jenna Tamara Jake Rosati Ming Huang

Awkward. Recap: “The Campaign Fail” and “Old Jenna”

Episode 17: “The Campaign Fail” After Jenna’s moment of clarity the episode before, she comes to her senses to make things right and possibly regain everyone’s trust in this episode….

MTV Awkward. A Very Special Episode of Awkward Valerie Marks

Awkward. Recap: “A Very Special Episode of Awkward” and “Less Than Hero”

Last week, MTV aired two new episodes of Awkward, giving us a whopping hour of no awkward moments but definitely two awesome worthy episodes. I particularly liked the first half…

MTV Awkward The Bad Seed Jenna Hamilton Lacey Hamilton

Awkward. Recap: “The Bad Seed”

Jenna proves she’s a bad seed in this episode. Here’s a list of why: She starts smoking weed, gets “arrested” for it, sneaks out with a boy she’s not allowed…

MTV Awkward Taking Sides Jenna Hamilton

MTV’s Awkward. Recap: “And Then What Happened” and “Taking Sides”

Episode 12: “And Then What Happened” It’s a classic she said he said episode. Everyone is dying to know if Jenna and Matty are still together and what exactly happened…

MTV Awkward Cast

Awkward. Recap: “Surprise!”

MTV’s Awkward finally returns from it’s long mid-season break, and although I was thrilled to finally see the adorable Matty McKibben back on my TV, my reaction within the first…

Enlisted Derek Waits Pete Waits Randy Waits

Amy’s TV Fall Show Previews

Fall shows are around the corner and I wanted to give you a preview of the shows I’ll be covering. Check out the Official posters and promos. Nashville (ABC) Last…

MTV Awkward. Jenna

Awkward. Recap: “Redefining Jenna”

  It’s been a week since the mid-finale premiered, and there’s a reason why this recap is very late than usual. It’s not because I was holding it off as…