MTV Awkward My Personal Statement Jenna Hamilton Tamara

“Awkward.” Recap: “My Personal Statement”

For this week, let’s not focus on how sweet Jenna’s boyfriend, Luke, is by including Tamara and not making her feel or be the third wheel. Or the fact that it’s Val’s high school reunion and she finally gets be with her high school crush only to find out he wasn’t as good as she […]

MTV Awkward Eva

“Awkward.” Recap: Are the new characters worth staying?

With Ming and Collin gone, the show has introduced two new characters to the show, the new girl Eva (Elizabeth Whitson) and Jenna’s college boyfriend, Luke (Evan Williams). However before I get to talk about them, let me give you a quick recap of what’s been going on in the past three episodes. Recap:  Tamara’s […]

MTV Awkward Overnight Jenna Hamilton Tamara

“Awkward.” Recap: “Touched By An Angel”, “Sophomore Sluts”, and “Overnight”

I’ve been behind with this show because finals were coming up but now that I’m done with the semester, I am all caught up and ready to give you a triple recap. Episode 3: “Touched By An Angel” Jake is turning all Taylor Swift singing songs about break ups while Tamara is dealing with what […]

MTV Awkward Listen to This Jenna Hamilton

“Awkward.” Recap: Listen to This

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all and listen to the other person. Put aside your opinions, thoughts, and feelings aside and let the other do all the talking, and in the end it could be a good thing, or in Jenna’s case, blow up in your face. While filming Jake’s music video (when […]

MTV Awkward.

“Awkward.” Recap: No Woman Is An Island

Senior year can be the most fun, yet so stressful year of your high school days. It’s never easy, you’ve got to decide which college you want to attend, write essays to go with your applications, maintain your GPA, take up extra circular activities, get a part time job (which is optional) and somehow find […]

MTV Awkward. Who I Want to Be Mr. Hart

“Awkward.” Season Finale Recap: Who I Want to Be

It’s prom night on Awkward and none of that mattered; not Matty taking Bailey to prom, Sadie finally experience true love, Ming worried about losing her virginity, or Jake surprising Tamara with a cheetah print tux. Awkward. ended their season finally in a way we’ve never seen before, with a powerful lesion in finding and […]

MTV Awkward Karmic Relief Jenna Hamilton Matty McKibben Bailey Parker

Awkward. Recap: “Karmic Relief”

In this one-hour episode, four main things happen: Jenna helps Val get her job back. Ming gets fired as the Asian Mafia Leader. Tamara is on full prom mode, making sure everything is Tamara perfect. Matty doesn’t ask Jenna to prom. Out of those four, I only want to talk about two of them. Matty, […]

MTV Awkward. Old Jenna Tamara Jake Rosati Ming Huang

Awkward. Recap: “The Campaign Fail” and “Old Jenna”

Episode 17: “The Campaign Fail” After Jenna’s moment of clarity the episode before, she comes to her senses to make things right and possibly regain everyone’s trust in this episode. However, Jenna doesn’t get everyone’s forgiveness on a silver platter. Jenna indeed does go back home after Lacey kicked her out of the house, but […]