Book Review: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie {SPOILER ALERT!}

Imma make this quick, mmmk?

Because underneath this semi-cute cover lies the most predictable and the most boring book containing even more tragically boring dialogue.  Like, ever.  I seriously can’t remember reading a book as boring as this.


Basic synopsis:  Girl meets Boy.  Girl and Boy break up.  Rinse and repeat half a dozen times  until Girl pays big bucks to have an arranged marriage.  Girl meets Husband, falls in love, Husband has duped Girl into marrying him while he’s secretly writing an expose about arranged marriages.  Girl gets upset and leaves.  Girl and Husband kiss and make up and live happily ever after.

That’s it.

I picked it up thinking that it’s such an interesting idea:  opting for an arranged marriage in the 21st century when it’s such a foreign, more traditional type of lifestyle.  There could have been a bazillion ways for this author to take this book.  She could have explored vulnerabilities within an admittance of too many failed relationships.  She could have explored the types and depths of shallowness that people bring into a relationship.  She could have explored the age old argument of love vs. friendship and which one is really to be desired?  She could have even delivered a story that subtly analyzes how generations young and old view love and what our expectations are when we go into marriage and opened up a discussion on which generation or tradition does this marriage thing better.  Instead she took all those topics, smooshed them together, rolled them up in a ball, ate it, and threw up all over the concrete and the words fell into place which produced Arranged.

Seriously.  It’s awful.  It’s a Lifetime meets Hallmark meets Lizzie McGuire type of awful.

I finished it, though.  I skimmed the last half of it, reading the parts I thought were leading to something interesting.  But I got nothing.  I don’t know if there’s really a rating scale here at Really Late Reviews, but I think this one deserves two thumbs way way way down.

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