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Haunt EP – Bastille

With the recently dropped Haunt EP, the South-London boys of Bastille have lit a fuse that could lead to an explosion of Coldplay-esque proportions. Apparently, Bastille is jumping out of every Tube commuter’s ear buds as they suffer thorough the tropical summer heat that is melting the United Kingdom. I learned about Bastille a few weeks ago via the Emerge App on Spotify (the app is wonderful for new music) and all four songs off the Haunt EP have been on relentless repeat. Bastille has an Alex Clare, M83, 30 Seconds to Mars (the new stuff), and 80’s dance vibe. Lead singer Dan Smith lays down subtle melancholy laced vocals over top finely produced pop beats. Bastille takes the soft/loud/stand-still/dance-your-pants-off to the max and infuses the transitions seamlessly. Smith’s voice is not overly complicated but warm and smooth. His vocals shine through in the track Overjoyed.  At first listen, it feels like the wrong singer is being played over the music. It takes the listener by surprise at how different the vocals and beats are, but it works. It is almost haunting.

It is fair to assume that with a wildly popular American tour looming, massive plays on Spotify, and legions of fans across the pond that Bastille will make some big waves in the music industry. The Haunt EP is a quick and required listen for the summer months. Check out tracks Pompeii and Bad Blood.

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