Awkward Season Finale Recap: Sprang Break, Part 2

Awkward Season Finale tend to be big. In season one, Jenna finds out who wrote her the meanest letter she ever received and it hurt. After being in a messy love triangle in season two, Jenna picks Matty and decides to go to camp with him instead of traveling Europe. Jenna hits her lowest throughout season three, but in the end she decides who she wants to be for herself. Now, season four ends in a way I did not see coming.

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Jenna Hamilton

Dan, Matty’s biological father, told Matty Gabby is Matty’s soul mate because she tracked Dan down and stood by Matty’s side the entire trip to meet Dan. This of course made Matty think. Is Jenna his soul mate? Yes. Jenna knows Matty better than himself, vice versa. For their age, they’ve been through so much together. The highs and the lows, the good and the bad, the love between the two, the lies told behind their backs and the heartbreaks they’ve caused each other. They’ve dated other people but in the end they always go back to each other.

When Matty asks Lacey where Jenna is, Lacey doesn’t hold back. “She’s out, Matty. She went on a walk with a guy she met. Stop, Matty. Let her move on with her life. You’ve broken her heart enough. Just let her go. You had your chance.” During Lacey’s speech, Matty questions, “I broke her heart?”

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Lacey Hamilton

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Lacey Hamilton

These two have hurt each other so much and in the worse ways possible, there’s no telling who hurt the other more. Do I like Lacey putting her foot down? Yes and no, but mostly yes. No because she messed with my ship. Matty was about to do something, make a move, or say something perhaps confess his feelings. Then Lacey stopped it.

Although, I fully support and understand where Lacey is coming from. She’s a mother who’s been there for Jenna every time Matty let her down and broke her heart. Lacey was there picking up the pieces, lending a shoulder to cry on, and wiping the tears away. Lacey is tired of seeing her daughter getting hurt, confused and sad. She wants Jenna to be happy, and only wants what’s best for her daughter, even if that means not being with the one Jenna loves the most.

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Matty McKibben

The episode ends with Matty watching Jenna with another guy and tells Jake, “I had my chance.”

The big question is, will they get back together once and for all? With one season left, it’s really hard to tell. Jatty will always love each other, but what if Jenna might have something with this new guy (As if!) and what if Matty actually walks away to let her be happy. What if Jenna’s new man is just a spring break fling? What if Jatty get back together before the senior year ends? The questions are endless but I know what I want.

If the writers decide to end Jatty together, don’t torture the fans all season long by giving us an epic ending like FRIENDS’ Ross and Rachel. We’ve been waiting too long for them to get back together; we don’t need to go through another entire season without some Jatty cuteness. Especially since it’s the last season. Also, none of that bull where they finally get together but they’re going away to college miles apart from each other.

If the writers decide Jatty’s fate isn’t meant to be together, give them some sort of happy ending. Don’t make them suffer knowing they’ll always love each other and perhaps see each other as ‘the one that got away’. That would be the worse way to end this great show.

Awkward Sprang Break Part 2 Sergio Sadie Saxton

Other things that happened on Awkward.:

  • Sadie doesn’t want to miss Sergio if she leaves to college because it’s something she can’t control.
  • Lacey’s pregnant! (I was right!) Kevin and Lacey couldn’t be happier and even though she’ll be away at college and not around, Jenna couldn’t be more thrilled about being a big sister.
  • Tamara is living the “teenage dream” by getting engaged with a very cute army guy she met at a bar. She’s having fun with the idea until she realizes how serious the guy is about their engagement.
  • Jake and Gabby slept together!!!!!!
  • Val rethinks her life after swimming with sharks and decides to quit her job to travel the world with her boyfriend.
  • Lissa and her gay dad come to terms to believe in God. Lissa is back, y’all.

MTV has yet to release a date for Awkward’s final season. Until then, you can rewatch the previous season at

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  1. I haven’t been watching Awkward. lately, but I’m always a fan of the GIF-tastic review. And Matty remains as adorable as ever.

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