“Awkward.” Recap: Are the new characters worth staying?

With Ming and Collin gone, the show has introduced two new characters to the show, the new girl Eva (Elizabeth Whitson) and Jenna’s college boyfriend, Luke (Evan Williams). However before I get to talk about them, let me give you a quick recap of what’s been going on in the past three episodes.


MTV Awkward Prison Breaks Tamara ShaneTamara’s catfishing blows up in her face when Jake catches her in the act. I don’t know how in the world Tamara thought her plan would work; instead it only made things worse between the two and Tamara experiences a night with a college girl. Tamara kissed a girl and she liked it! Will she continue to explore this experience?

MTV Awkward Prison Breaks Matty McKibben

Matty, sweet and loveable Matty, is just so far gone. He explodes on stage during the school’s male beauty pageant, which leads to getting fake ids, buying drinks, getting caught and spending the night in jail. That’s right, JAIL! He’s completely gone off the rails and I don’t’ like it!

New Characters

Let me give it to you straight, I wanted to like Eva and I wanted to hate Luke, except now, I hate Eva and I’m sort of liking Luke.

MTV Awkward Luke Jenna Hamilton

I wanted to hate Luke for a couple reasons, he’s only getting in the way of Jetty, and he’s a college guy so he’s bound to hurt his high school girlfriend, except he’s proving me wrong. The moment my feelings about Luke changed when he left early after Matty’s little stunt during the high school’s male beauty pageant that Jenna was stage-managing, and I immediately thought, he’s bailing on Jenna and her high school drama. Except he came back with flowers for Jenna because he knows and remembers how hard and tough high school drama is. Cue the audience aww soundtrack. Then, in the following episode Jenna catches him shirtless and getting a message from a girl in bed, and I quickly said, “I KNEW IT!!!” Except, he once again proved me wrong. The girl is his lesbian friend, the same girl that hooked up with Tamara. Obviously he’s a good guy, but I’m not betting on him to stay around. Jenna did get jealous of seeing Matty with Eva.

MTV Awkward Prison Breaks Eva Matty McKibben

Speaking of Eva, I really wanted to like her. I really did. Except now, I want her to be pushed off a cliff. In the beginning, I thought she was this cool chick, who’s been around the world and experienced life. Now, I’m with Saddie and beginning to think she’s a big fat liar. She’s obviously lying about her past adventures, but the biggest lie she’s told was telling Matty Jenna didn’t want to help bail Matty out of jail and how Jenna thought Matty’s brother should help him since he’s has a jail record of his own. How could she?! Why would she?! Is she doing it for fun? Or just to win Matty over Jenna? Or worse, is she bringing him over to her dark side?! I need answers friends!

I’m sensing she’s a girl with a bad record and just a bad person in general. Perhaps she’s Collin 2.0. Her lies will eventually catch up to her, and bite her in the ass, and I for one, can’t to see it explode in her face.

What do y’all think about Luke and Eva?

Tune in tomorrow night for an all new episode of Awkward at 10/9c on MTV.

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