Awkward. Recap: Can Jenna and Matty be ‘just friends’?

MTV Awkward Fireworks Tamara Jake Rosati

Episode 17: “Fireworks”

Jake offers Jenna and Tamara a job at the country club to earn some money, which means having to work with Matty and his girlfriend, Sully. Working together causes a bit of a friction between the exes at first, but when Matty sees a man yelling at Jenna over a burnt hot dog, he swoops in and defends her. Jenna thanks him for having her back.

After working all day at the country club on 4th of July, Matty, Sully, Jenna, Luke, Tamara, and Kyle celebrate the holiday by having a party of their own on the country club’s golf course after hours. Drinks, stories, and kisses were exchanged, and new friendships were made. Sully and Jenna have a heart to heart conversation about Matty’s break up with his most recent ex-girlfriend. Jenna learns Matty protected her from admitting the truth about their break up, just like she had done with her mother.

Once the sun came up, Matty and Jenna finally talk about their break up. Jenna apologizes for her mistakes and the break up. Matty admits it was stupid of him to want to move colleges and Jenna was right to call him out on it at the time. The two agree they’re on good terms and are friends, who also happen to approve of their significant other.

MTV Awkward Digging Deep Jenna Hamilton

Episode 18: “Digging Deep”

Jenna thinks she’s not meeting the expectations her boss expects from everyone. When the opportunity to write an eBook for Idea Bin, Jenna digs deep and uses a personal experience for her next article in hopes of finally reaching her boss’ expectations. Changing his name in the article, Jenna writes about her break up with Malty and becoming friends after their tough break up.

Jenna and Matty continue to rekindle their friendship as they throw Jake a party after getting him fired for partying on the golf course. In the middle of the party, Jenna gets a text from Ethan saying her article had been published on the front page. Jenna is excited she finally got one of her articles published, until she notices they had changed the headline, calling Matty a needy, loser boyfriend.

Jenna believes everything would be okay because Matty doesn’t read Idea Bin, until he confronts her about the article blowing up on his Twitter feed. Matty is livid Jenna posted something so personal about their relationship for the whole world to read. Jenna explains she didn’t think it would be a problem and she only wrote about them to get herself out of the struggle she’s been having at work. Jenna didn’t realize how wrong it was for her to write the article until Matty admits she didn’t know anything about their break up. She only knew her side of the story. He explains he suffered with depression after their break up, instantly making Jenna feel guilty.

MTV Awkward Digging Deep Matty McKibben

After watching these two episodes, I was happy to see Jenna and Matty work out their issues and become friends again. However, when things are too good to be true, you know it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops and ruins everything. I guess I felt like that because Matty and Jenna can never be ‘just friends’. They have so much history together. They were not only their first loves, but they genuinely fell in love with each other. What they have is real and when that’s over (Can’t exactly say gone, because these two will always love each other) it’s hard to be just friends. Matty and Jenna are the perfect example of that. Those two can never just be friends.

It’s hard to tell where this “relationship” is headed after Matty and Jenna’s fall out and the promo doesn’t help either as they’re always misleading. However, as always, I’m rooting for these two together. I’ve never given up on Matty and Jenna, and I’m not about to give up now.

Check out the promo to see what to expect this season on MTV’s Awkward.

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