Awkward. “Girl Rules” Recap: Jetty Kissed!!!!!

I’m going to go straight to what happened in the end because I’ve been waiting for this moment ALL. SEASON. LONG. and maybe, just maybe I’ll talk about what else happened throughout the episode.

Awkward Girl Rules Matty McKibben Jenna Hamilton


I can’t contain my excitement, even though I ended up being extremely disappointed 5 seconds later.

Jenna thought she got into Lockard when she saw a big envelope. However, Jenna realizes the acceptance letter was for her mother and Jenna got a rejected from Lockard. Jenna was completely devastated. Can you blame her for reacting this way? I would react the same way if colleges, who are accepting my friends and mother, rejected me. Meanwhile, Matty is drunk and has a letter revealing who his birth parents are. He didn’t want to open the letter without Jenna.

Matty could have gone to Jake to open the letter. Especially after talking to Jake at the strip club about him already filling out the form and sent it out to the agency. Except, Matty didn’t nor did he want to go to Jake. Matty has a bond with Sadie, but I guess that bond isn’t close enough as Matty hasn’t really been keeping Sadie in the loop about his adopted business. Truthfully, Matty isn’t that close with Tamara, and it’s way to soon and too big of an issue to tell his new girlfriend, Gabby. That leaves us, Jenna.

Jenna and Matty started off as sex buddies, but throughout the series they grew into a real relationship. They weren’t just each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend but where they were each other’s best friends as well. They could talk to each other instead of go to anyone else because no one understands them like they do. Which is exactly why Matty left his surprise party Gabby threw for him to find out some news that would alter his life forever and he wanted Jenna by his side. No one else.

During this moment, Jenna finally explains how she feels about their relationship and how it started off. Believing Matty just liked her during their sophomore year because she had sex with him all the time. Matty completely disagreed (THANK GOODNESS!!!) and in that moment, Matty was vulnerable and intoxicated with alcohol and kissed Jenna. It’s hard to tell if Matty was being serious and actually expressing his emotions about how he feels about Jenna. Perhaps it was the booze doing the work.

Then, as much as I hated Jenna breaking up the kiss, she made the right choice. Jenna accepts Matty’s girlfriend, Gabby, as one of her friends after helping Gabby set up Matty’s surprise party. Jenna has made mistakes before and broken the girl code a couple of times too. However, she isn’t about to do it again with her new gal pal. Jenna has come a long way, and she made the right decision, even thought I didn’t like it.

Couldn’t they just kiss a little bit longer? Is that too much to ask?

I’m too invested in this relationship.

Awkward Girl Rules Tamara Sadie Saxton

Also on Awkward.

Tamara and Sadie have to work together for the cheer squad since Lissa is suspended for being high at the Valentine’s Day Dance last week. Eventually, the two finally team up on stage of the strip club to bring a very drunk Matty and wasted Jake to Matty’s surprise party.

Gabby wasn’t competing with Jenna, or playing some twisted game with her either. Gabby really wanted to like Jenna because Matty respects her so much. After helping and pulling through for Gabby and her party for Matty, Gabby see’s what Matty sees in her, and isn’t intimated or jealous of Jenna.

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