Awkward. “Bonfire of the Vanities” Recap: Insecurities are loud

Truthfully, I was not expecting this episode to turn out the way it did. The Awkward promo completely mislead me. Jenna and Tamara learn from Sadie the jocks have rated every girl they’ve slept with and put the results in a hidden phonebook. With the help of Jake and Val’s clues, Tamara finds the book in the library and it’s not pretty. There are numerous of pages attached to the phonebook with pictures and names of girls. Under their name and picture, are the ratings. Each girl is rated by their face, boobs, butt, and their B-score. The number of beers it takes for the girl to be drunk enough to have sex.

Awkward. Bonfire of the Vanities Tamara Jenna Hamilton

There is nothing worse than high school jocks rating your face, butt, boobs, and how easy you are by the amount of beers it takes you to have sex. To top it off, those jocks put the ratings in a phone book for other guys to know. Like a damn reference book!

As a girl this makes me sick. I can’t imagine guys passing around a book as thick as a phonebook around to question if a certain girl is worthy enough to date based on the ratings from other guys. “Oh! I won’t date her cause she’s a 343.” Or “Nah, it takes her five beers to get drunk enough to have sex.” This is absurd! I know this is just a show but why would the writers think this is an okay storyline? I can only imagine how many girls who watched this, got just as upset as I did.

Also, how did the writers come up with this storyline? Just out of imagination or from an experience? If this is based on a realistic occurrence, it makes me sad. Girls do not need any more reasons to be more insecure about themselves. High school girls are constantly unconfident about themselves. Whether it’s with their weight, a body feature, their look, self-esteem, and so many others things. They already have enough about to worry about. They don’t need guys to bring them down anymore.

Awkward. Bonfire of the Vanities Matty McKibben

Insecurities make or break a relationship. In this case, it made Jenna’s friendship/relationship with Matty’s. At first, Jenna was furious, as she should be. Matty rated her, and despite the good ratings he gave her, he should have never rated her for other guys to know how good she was incase they wanted to hook up with her. In the end, Matty throws the rating phonebook in the bonfire. This was the only good outcome of this storyline. After talking to Jake, Matty realizes he’s made a mistake. He should never have done that because in the end that girl is someone’s sister, someone somebody truly cares about, but more importantly she’s is a person with feelings. Matt fixes his mistake by throwing the book in the bonfire and apologizing to all the girls, especially to Jenna.

I hope viewers learned from this lesson. People always have their own insecurities. There’s no reason to give them anymore. Instead, give them a nice compliment, or if you know someone is bringing them down stand up for them. Sometimes just smiling at someone makes a difference. You never know what someone might be experiencing or going through. Perhaps that’s the lesson the writers wanted to get across with this storyline.

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