“The Danish Girl” Movie Review – A True Test of Love

Before the film… I can’t recall when I first saw this trailer, but I remember being completely intrigued by it for two reasons:. 1. Because I love Eddie Redmayne and I’m a HUGE fan of his (since seeing him in My Week with Marilyn and Les Miserables) and 2. Because JUST in the trailer, you could already tell […]

“Sleeping with Other People” Movie Review

Before the movie… So, there are days when ALL I want to do is just lounge around the house and watch chick flicks. After searching for a film to watch and drink my green tea to, I found this one. I love Jason Sudeikis! The Millers was HILARIOUS! I had NO idea what this film […]

Mockingjay Part 2: Review

As an avid reader, after I read an amazing novel or series and hear it is going be made into a movie adaptation, I slightly cringe. Why? Because not everything in a novel is delivered via a film. It can’t be. Otherwise, it’d be a 17 hour long movie that NO ONE would purchase a […]

“Southpaw” Movie Review – “Believe in Hope”

Southpaw Release Date: July 24th, 2015 (USA) Director: Antoine Fuqua Producers: Antoine Fuqua, Steve Tisch, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Alan Riche, and Peter Riche Executive Producers: Kurt Sutter, David Ranes, Dylan Sellers, Ezra Swerdlow, David L. Schiff Genre: Drama film/Thriller Rated: R Running Time: 2 hr 3 min   Cast Billy Hope … Jake Gyllenhaal Maureen Hope […]

“Pawn” Book Review – Are You the Number on Your Back?

Before the novel… Have you ever heard the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover”? Yea. I ALWAYS judge a book by a cover. If it doesn’t look cool, I probably won’t pick it up. I found this book at HEB on my way to the register and it definitely caught my eye. I […]

“50 Shades of Grey” Movie Review

Prior Thoughts: When I first heard of this novel, I had no idea “Grey” was the name of a character. The only thing people kept telling me was,” you’ve gotta read this.” I reluctantly made this purchase, and put it off to the side for quite some time. The more I heard about this book, […]

2015 Movies – The 40 Most Anticipated Films

Hey everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Funny story. I was sitting at my laptop trying to finish grades and my lesson plans when I realized the program we use at work wasn’t….working. “Oh, my lord, what heavens am I to do with my life?” I thought, right? Thankfully there’s the internet…and google…and msn and I came […]

“Into the Woods” Movie Review – Be careful what you wish for!

Before the film… I didn’t know much about the plot aside that classic fairytales were involved. The preview showed Cinderella, the baker and his wife, Jack and the beanstalk, a witch, an a rather dapper prince. As a child, I was familiar with some of these majestic tales and knew the Disney films well. Once […]

Big Hero 6 – Movie Review

Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting anything recently; I’ve been CRAZY busy with work and just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. Yay! BUT, during the Thanksgiving break I was able to catch up on some movies and TV shows so, give me time to play catch up. And without further ado, here’s my review on the super adorable movie, Big Hero […]