Chicago PD 4×22 Review: Frustratingly Frustrating

The Good… Season 4 has outdone previous seasons with the cases in each episode. This week’s case was sad, harrowing and infuriating, but interesting. CPD has made it a point the last couple of episodes to show that not all cases have “happy endings”. What infuriated me was the random story they came up with […]

Chicago PD 4×21 Review: New Blood in the Intelligence Unit

A new character made her bow in intelligence this week, but is she really needed? Case Summary Jay and Erin, after having breakfast together, respond to a bank robbery. In the process of investigating potential future robberies with the (initially reluctant) help of Detective Hailey Upton from robbery-homicide, Intelligence stumbles on another robbery. Two of the offenders escape after […]

Chicago PD 4×20 Review: An Excellent Voight-Centric Episode

The last major Voight-centric episode was in the early part of the season where he was dealing with the aftermath of his actions after Justin’s death. Luckily, Lindsay had his back then and yet again, she, as did the entire team, supported him well. The case begins when Richard Dowd, son of a prominent defense […]

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Chicago PD 4×18 and 4×19 Double Review: A Throwback to the Format of Earlier Seasons

Stand up and applaud CPD fans. Chicago PD is FINALLLY getting back to the formula of the early seasons. These last two episodes have been the perfect balance of the professional and the personal lives of our favourite detectives… 4×18: “Little Bit of Light” The case in this episode was a simple yet intriguing one […]