Chicago Fire 3×13, “Three Bells”

It’s the most… wonderful tiiiiiiime… of the year… Okay, that might be a little much, but if you were around for last year’s crossover (charmingly hashtagged #OneChicago), you know that these are two episodes of television that are not to be missed. Where last year’s crossover was about the shock value, this year’s is personal […]

You CAN (and SHOULD) Watch That on Television: The Night Shift

I’m always on the prowl for television’s hidden gems: the shows that never get enough attention, but will blow you away should you give them a chance. I’ve become really good in recent months at exploring the deep, dark corners of Netflix and various other streaming services to find shows that none of us have […]

Chicago P.D. 2×10, “Shouldn’t Have Been Alone”

After a brief hiatus that drove most of us zany (IS BURGESS ALIVE?!!? IS LINDSAY REALLY LEAVING?!!?), Chicago P.D. returned this week with quite a bang. Every week, I think Chicago P.D. cannot get any more action-packed, but then the next week happens and I’m left speechless and not knowing where to start. The  winter […]

Chicago P.D. 2×09, “Called In Dead”

I’ve put off this recap in hopes of coming to terms with the midseason finale’s ending, but it never happened. I’m going to apologize in advance if I come across like a whiny child for the duration of this recap. Chicago P.D. is twisty-turny, intense and action-packed by default, but the show’s midseason finale was […]

The Interview: the movie North Korea didn’t want me to review.

The drama between Sony and North Korea came to a happy ending on Christmas Eve when Seth Rogen and James Franco’s The Interview became available for streaming. Nothing screams Christmas more than a movie about assassinating the leader of North Korea, so upon arriving home from work, I bypassed the Love Actually and Home Alone […]

A Revenge Fan’s Guide to Season 4, so far…

Let me guess, you used to watch Revenge, but then it got ridiculous and you stopped. Am I right? I’m not judging, if so. In fact, I understand. The red sharpie is gone, sexy Aiden is dead and now that Daniel and Emily are divorced, the show just ain’t what it used to be. While […]

Chicago P.D. 2×08, “Assignment of the Year”

Chicago P.D. has been on a three week break- which I think I’d be more upset about if they’d left off on a stronger episode than “Assignment of the Year.” It’s not that the episode was a bad one, but it was more unfortunate circumstances than anything else. The episode was one-dimensional in that it […]

Chicago P.D. 2×07, “They’ll Have to Go Through Me”

By the end of Crossover Week’s final episode, I felt like I’d been sucked up by a tornado and spit out. The crossover built up and eventually came to an intense end that left us all emotional and feelsy. To quote Mean Girls: It. Was. Awesome. Allow me to sum up the preceding Law & […]

Chicago Fire 3×07, “Nobody Touches Anything”

Yes, I am one entire episode behind on my Chicago Fire recaps, but I’m going to say what we’re all thinking: Crossover Week was far more epic than any of us could have imagined. So much more epic that none of us can even recall what happened in the preceding episode. Alas, I am going […]

Chicago P.D. 2×06, “Prison Ball”

I know I’ve been cranking out the Chicago P.D. recaps lately, but I wanted to get caught up before this week’s annual crossover. Last week’s episode saw the team go undercover in an attempt to solve the brutal murder of a ten-year-old girl. The team pulled out all the stops and gave us a fantastic episode that saw […]