ATX FESTIVAL Preview: Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek and more…

Every summer, television lovers from Hollywood and the nation alike converge upon Austin, Texas for a magical weekend of sun, fun and as much programming as can safely be consumed in a four-day span. From Thursday to Sunday, fans mingle amongst a mix of fellow fans, industry bigwigs and a few of the actors who bring their favorite characters […]

Chicago Fire 3×21, “We Called Her Jellybean”

Guys, I cannot rewatch the crossover. I’ve tried. I’ve fired up the DVR, I’ve pulled up the episodes on my computer, but I just can’t do it. It’s too painful. Where the previous two crossovers went for action, last week’s went for emotion- and I’m not talking overwhelming happiness, skittles and unicorns. I’m talking gut-wrenching […]

10 Things We Will Miss About Peter Mills On Chicago Fire

Or really, what should be the recap for episode 3×20, “You Know Where To Find Me.” These past two weeks have been a perfect storm of sorts- a perfect, maddening, grasping-at-straws, throwing around ridiculous theories till we crack ourselves up-type storm. The home stretch of the season is not only a TERRIBLE time for a […]

Chicago Fire 3×19, “I Am the Apocalypse”

Enjoy your weekly reminder that Gabby and Jay once dated. I KNOW. “Gina, they were just a fling! They’re not relevant anymore!” Umm, I beg to differ. They’re super relevant when promo pics like this are coming down the pipeline: WILL. NO. You are NOT allowed to be Eskimo QUADRUPLETS with YOUR BROTHER, Casey, and […]

Chicago Fire 3×18, “Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional”

Until Dawsey are reunited (and maybe even after), I’m going to start each recap going forward with a 50 First Dates-type refresher. YOU GUYS. DAWSON AND HALSTEAD DATED. Accept it. It happened. So many people have forgotten this ship that this was the only video I could find on YouTube. Apparently,  myself and the person […]

Chicago P.D. 2×15, “What Puts You on That Ledge”

I’m behind again, and I picked the WRONG two episodes to be behind on. They were GOOOOOOOD. What did we miss? Antonio gettin’ his hookup on with a former colleague from Vice; Linstead being super flirty and adorable; This Burzek scene, this amazeballs Burzek scene, and this really cute Burzek scene. That last one was added […]

The Night Shift 2×01, “Recovery”

We’re back, and oh, crap- T.C. is already rappelling down a mountain. Well, that escalated quickly. Somehow, a child has gotten himself into a bind and is lying in some sort of canyon with a broken leg. T.C.’s objective is to rappel down the mountain, stabilize the injury and then ascend the mountain with the […]

Chicago P.D. 2×13, “A Little Devil Complex”

I’m behind again, yes, so let me sum up the two episodes I’ve missed: LINSTEAD FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!! Enough celebration GIFs. Let’s just watch the scene that matters. Over and over and over again. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Okay, I’m done with the GIF’s, but seriously, how perfect was that makeout scene? I’m happy to report that everything is […]