Parenthood “These Are The Times We Live In” Reactions

Sarita and I sat down and g-chatted throughout tonight’s surprisingly tearful Parenthood. Read our on-the-fly thoughts below in a slightly edited transcript. Comment below your reactions to the episode and where you think the season is heading. We’ll be back next week as we’ve reached the halfway point of the final season. Sarita Muley – […]

She Said, She Said: Thoughts on Parenthood’s “Happy Birthday, Zeek”

Episode Overall Sarita: Just like last season, this season’s premiere did not have an even pace and was choppy /too rushed in certain areas.  However, the subsequent episode returned to normal episode. The storytelling felt tighter and the plot lines integrated with each other very well. Jordan: I agree. This episode only had characters in […]

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Live-blogging Parenthood “Vegas”

We at Really Late Reviews are always trying to make this site fun and unique. Parenthood began its final season Thursday night so Jordan and Sarita decided to live blog the whole thing. Below is our slightly edited conversation. We will continue co-writing each episode until the finale, but we may or may not continue […]

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Red Band Society Review: Despite its weaknesses it’s a show worth watching

In June, my friend Gina and I were able to catch a screening of the premiere episode of Red Band Society  at the ATX TV Festival. We sat in the front row in the small theater not fully knowing what to expect. By the end we were both crying our eyes out and hoping the […]

Best Dances From Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance

On Wednesday a new winner was added to the So You Think You Can Dance circle. It was the guy we all thought would win; even though the best dancer won, the result was not surprising. Overall I thought this season of SYTYCD was sort of all over the place and it seemed to take some […]

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TV Rewatch: “Roswell” Pilot

Aaaah, Roswell, or as it was known in the late 90s and early 2000s: That other WB show that was not Dawson’s Creek. I was twelve years old when Roswell first premiered in 1999. Aside from a love for Justin Timberlake that knows no bounds, the only other thing that 1999 Gina and 2014 Gina […]

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The Ten Most Delicious Moments from “Hannibal” Season 2

There’s no logical reason for Hannibal to be as good as it is. We didn’t need another serial killer cop drama, and we certainly didn’t need another incarnation of the tired Hannibal Lecter character. I almost didn’t watch “Hannibal” for those exact reasons. Thankfully I ignored my instincts and I’ve been blown away since its […]

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Hear Singer Carrie Lane’s New Single “Found You”

Singer-songwriter Carrie Lane’s freshman album doesn’t come out until later in the year but you can hear her debut single now. If you’ve never heard of Lane, or seen a picture of her, you would think she was anyone. Her vocals are reminiscent of Taylor Swift, her looks reminds me of Amanda Seyfried, and her […]

Mary Jane lets the women know being #2 is ok

Being Mary Jane: “Mixed Messages” Review

“A woman must not depend upon the protection of a man, but must be taught to protect herself.” Susan B. Anthony Kara signs into MJ’s online dating account and sends a message to a man that gets a response. MJ goes on a “date” with Sean (Wayne Brady). During the date MJ is so engrossed […]

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Being Mary Jane Review: “Girls Night In”

“The woman who catches a man’s eye earns a purse. The woman who earns his heart captures his world.”- Unknown Family MJ arrives at her parent’s house to take Niecy to a baby appointment. When she arrives, Niecy tells her that she rescheduled the appointment so that baby daddy Dante’ could take her and listen […]