ATXTVS4: Girl Meets World cast talks Boy Meets World and Parallels

My Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World parallel posts are popular on our site so when I attended ATX TV Festival three weeks ago, I made sure to get all the details I could get from the Boy Meets Girl Meets World panel and ask questions about the parallels during my interview with the cast.

ATX TV Festival Girl Meets World Rowan Blanchard Sabrina Carpenter



Stars Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, and Ben Savage, along with show creator Michael Jacobs attended the panel and talked about the show. They discussed how the show came about years later after Boy Meets World, the girls explained their audition process, and everyone shared some details of what to expect this season. Jacobs shared a good amount of material that relates to Boy Meets World that will be on Girl Meets World.

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Hurricane Shawn Hunter Angela MooreA Shawn and Angela Reunion

During the panel, Jacobs mentioned Boy Meets World fans who love Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore together will be very mad when Angela visits New York and runs into Shawn and Cory. (Which is tonight’s episode.) Jacobs explained their storyline is the right thing to do because it’s real, no matter how much we may hate it. He jokingly warned the fans to watch it at least six times before we decide to put the guns down.

Mrs. Stuart Minkus, aka Farkle’s Mom

If you follow Jacobs and the Girl Meets World writers on Twitter (@GMWWriters) you’ll already know they have hinted Stuart Minkus married someone we’ve seen on Boy Meets World. Honestly, it’s hard to narrow down who the lucky lady is but Jacobs shared during the panel it’s someone we would have least expected. Jennifer Love Fefferman played by Jennifer Love Hewitt seemed like a least expected character, right? I’m hoping for her.

Girl Meets World Girl Meets Teacher Cory Matthews Jonathan Turner
“It’s good to see you again Mr. Turner” – Ben Savage (Photo Credit: Ben Savage via Instagram)

The Return of Mr. Turner

Jacobs told the fans during the panel to watch Savage/Cory’s reaction when Anthony Tyler Quinn returns to the show as Mr. Jonathan Turner. Then watch how their dynamic is still a teacher and student relationship but from a different perspective.

Pulling a Full House

Someone asked if we’ll see Morgan and which one will it be. In case you don’t know, Morgan Matthews was played by Lily Nicksay in the beginning of the series and then was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway because as the kids got older in the series, Morgan had to as well. Nicksay was too young to be older and was replaced by Ridgeway. Jacobs joked about doing it the way the Olsen Twins did it when they were on Full House and have Nicksay and Ridgeway take turns for the role of Morgan.

Cory and Topanga’s Story

Jacobs knows Boy Meets World fans are curious to know what happened to Cory and Topanga life after Boy Meets World to the moment Girl Meets World started. The fans will at some point see Cory and Topanga’s “lost years” but the Boy Meets World fans have to be patient as Girl Meets World is more about the girls and the target audience is younger.

ATX TV Festival Girl Meets World Sabrina Carpenter Ben Savage


During my interview with the cast and show creator, I made sure to ask questions about the parallels, or as Jacobs likes to call them ‘Easter eggs’, between the two shows. If you’ve watched Boy Meets World and currently watching Girl Meets World, there are A LOT of Easter eggs, but do you ever wonder if Jacobs and his writing team hide the Easter eggs intentionally?

“Yes. Absolutely. Every one of them.” Jacobs admitted. “I expect [the fans] to get about 70% of them.”

Although Jacobs deliberately plots the Easter eggs, there’s a process he follows to make sure the Easter egg is not exactly repeated as seen before on Boy Meets World.

“First of all, we never tell the kids about the Easter eggs because it would alter their playing. I don’t want something to jog in his actor’s memory and [think] ‘This is how I played it, should I play it again?’ When we did, ‘They want you to take the rolls’, [Savage] read it differently, which I really liked and I said give me one take of the old reading and let me have the choice in the editing room of what we’re going to use.’ But the interesting thing is that I really think that the audience has gotten a vast majority [of the Easter eggs], but there are some we’ve done that they have not yet picked up on at all and they are clues to what’s going to happen, and that I think is interesting”.

One example would be when Blanchard and Carpenter recreated the famous Feeny Call when Riley and Maya visit Mr. Feeny during the Girl Meets Pluto episode. When I sat with the girls I asked if there was a lot of pressure to recreate the Feeny call and crafting it as their own. Blanchard shared with me that Jacobs showed them the clip of Will Friedle’s (who plays Eric Matthews) Feeny call and told the girls to make it their own but somewhat similar.

“We didn’t want to change it up too much. We were teenage girls impersonating Will Friedle.” Carpenter laughed. ”It’s also funny because when they write it down on paper all they do is write ‘fuh-huh-hee-neey wha-wha-.‘ They just write down letters and basically we have to figure it out.”

Switching gears a bit, I brought up bringing back some of the Boy Meets World characters on Girl Meets World and asked the girls what it’s like working with them.

“It’s funny because they show up on set now, and they’re like, they feel intimidated cause they’re on our show.” Carpenter said. “They’ve been so amazing. They come into their roles; they walk in like they never left. It’s very special.”

“It’s cool for us to see the continuation of the story before anyone else does, too.” Blanchard added. “We feel like we’re special. Like we’re being let in on a little secret about what happened to all of these characters.”

Meanwhile, Savage is all for having any of them and possibly everyone back on the show. “As Michael has always said the door is always open to all the cast members; for me personally as an actor it’s always just a treat to always see some of our old friends come join us again.” Savage shared. “Like when you step on set, like we had Matt Lawrence (Jack Hunter) last week, it’s like taking back a step into your childhood and getting to relive this wonderful moment. So for me personally, it’s just a really nice experience.”

An all-new episode of Girl Meets World premieres tonight 8:30/7:30c on Disney Channel with guest stars Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter, Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, and Trina McGee as Anglea Moore.

Photo Credit: Arnoldo Martinez

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